Xue Manzi invested in a junior high school student and a high school student They all succeeded

Xue Manzi invested in a junior high school student and a high school student They all succeeded

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Abstract: the entrepreneur is the biggest problem for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, to see how good, how to see how beautiful, as we all know, when O2O fire, car repair, home to your feet is the door, this thing is actually a false demand, no one need, so soon after the bubble burst. This thing is not reliable, no need.

why? Because I have done several successful cases, the first one, I was a junior high school graduate, called Cai Wensheng. I had to go to Fujian and Ma, a young man does not speak Mandarin, he made a 265, then we become good friends, my investment accounted for 25% of the shares. Why did Cai Wensheng succeed? Because he has done a very demand, he said the China people not on YAHOO, this thing I did is to meet the majority of Internet users can not meet the demand, it is also the bottleneck of the Internet, so the 265 have been very successful, in addition to hao123, it is second.

"farewell to the pseudo demand is the entrepreneurial success of the first step, it means that the market demand is real, once reached the demand of the blue ocean market, but also strong team, capital chain will automatically smooth, when the competitors, you had accounted for the initiative, also not afraid."

a year later, in Beijing, I met a high school graduate, Li Xiang, who made a car home. At that time, Sina and Sohu have their own car website, I say we do car home, how to compete with the three major portals? He said, I do this site is to give my own people read this, I am not a car expert, I do not know what is the horsepower, do not know the car a lot of data but, as an outsider and fans, I know exactly what is an outsider, car enthusiasts demand. I said, "how do you compete?" he said. "The simplest people who want to buy a car are white-collar workers. They don’t go to work on Saturday or Sunday. When they want to buy a car online, Sina, NetEase and Sohu don’t open their doors."

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well, because of the time, my story today is being talked about here, tomorrow I will continue to write up rookie 3 years experience of Wangzhuan two, I hope everyone was reading. Thank you

is a green hand

in November 5th, "2016 AI asked top summit", the famous angel investors to "whether demand is the only standard of" reliable is entrepreneurship as the theme in a speech, he believes that the biggest problem in the deaths there is no demand. So, what is the demand? How to say goodbye to the pseudo demand? Xue Zi elaborated these problems with his 20 years of angel investment experience.

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remember I just contact to Wangzhuan in a summer of 09 years, then just out of college I have been very depressed, because I have been interviewed numerous times eventually lost below, because of the lack of work, so every day in the online shopping, I inadvertently opened a navigation the site, suddenly saw above a small ad, saying "you can make money online" several small, I clicked to found a similar introduction of part-time online methods and techniques including comprehensive project site, and then read a few articles in the so-called Jiao Chengwen chapter, my heart suddenly produced a sense of excited, that night I was in the site to register a lot of projects of course, this is the lowest Wangzhuan, is a simple voting survey, click Wangzhuan project, think of yourself every day Complete the assignments after at least a month can earn a thousand dollars, but in reality and imagination, I spent half a month after I found that earned the money actually networking costs are not enough, I was disappointed, very disappointed, feel like fools general.


below is a speech record with cuts:

do not know why, today suddenly want to talk to my 3 years Wangzhuan experience, 3 years is not long time, three years of bitter and sweet, the author from the year just contact Wangzhuan do not understand what is now the SEO growth during the period of service personnel, but countless failures and even want to give up this industry, many times have been confused and helpless, had thought many times such a problem can really make money online to feed themselves, or it is just a hobby for me. "

then I never say what the so-called Wangzhuan, until one day I was in a station on the BBS met a friend, then I will not ask his station, I didn’t want to agreed at the time, thinking first live then, station immediately is, then I told the guy I have 5 days to complete this task for you. Then I started this five days in the network crazy search site tutorial, through 5 days of hard work, the basic technology of the site have been mastered, then I was in 5 days the successful completion of the task, received the first commission Wangzhuan career, in the "salvage" to the first pot of gold made me more convinced that the Internet is the belief that you can make money

I play angel investment from 1991 to now, see the death of countless entrepreneurs, lack of funds, the equity allocation is not suitable, do not adhere to the key, and so on, a large number of entrepreneurial companies the biggest problem is to start startups to do this thing there is no demand, so I this day is called "if there is demand is the only standard of reliable business".

the first pot of gold


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