DoNowDon ‘t an electricity supplier website that benefits from lovers who break upSeveral business

DoNowDon ‘t an electricity supplier website that benefits from lovers who break upSeveral business

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, the company’s growth path, is that it has been providing instant service, which has grown since about a year ago and is now about 25% of the diamond trade. For those who do not want to do list, do not want to wait for the sale this may take several months or even a year of the consumers, "IDoNowIDon ‘t" now offers to buy things and sell jewelry wholesalers and retailers the opportunity, as long as holding inventory and for a long enough time to test it, Opperman said.

"We’ve got a lot of global survey data, but we can’t handle them right now," says

Opperman created this site of inspiration is from his fiancee after he left his ring back not a good price to sell, but not all consumers are willing to list these tragic things. Sometimes, Opperman says, they even feel that they inherit what they don’t like or cause them to

"social network" Social Networking generation and application is set forth in the 1967 American social psychologist Mir Glenn’s "six degrees of separation theory Six Degrees of Separation based on. Simply put, "six degrees of separation" theory that in the interpersonal context, to make any acquaintance with a strange friend, among which the most, as long as the five friends can achieve the purpose. With 6 people, you can find Clinton or Laden.

alone virtual strangers, the relationship is far less than the viscous solid formed by the reality of the relationship. So dating sites.

Opperman. We need foreign offices to coordinate international affairs, such as foreign customs, customs duties and taxes. And there is a risk of overseas transportation and certification of precious items such as diamonds.

‘IDoNowIDon’ t brought about $25000 in sales in the first year, and Opperman says he expects sales to reach nearly $3 million this year. Once the customer listed a ring worth 5 million, but it was not sold, the company needed to cut its selling price by 15%, from $100 to about $100000. Of the 2000 items listed on the site, about 90% are engagement rings or wedding rings. Most buyers will get the same ring at half off for the rest of the world.

breaking up can be difficult, but an e-commerce site relies on letting couples get a certain amount of cash in order to ease the blow from a failed relationship. Founder JoshOpperman said, "IDoNowIDon ‘t" website began to buy and sell an engagement ring in a market from 2007, retailers now have expanded to include jewelry and wedding dress and so on, they are moving in the two direction: to the customer purchase and sale of diamonds, and then expand the international market.



‘IDoNowIDon’ t is located in the diamond section of central New York, so when business comes in, it’s easy to go next door and check their description with an independent accrediting agency. The retailer, which has managed the goods, has confirmed the entire process, which takes about 150 months per jewelry. And getting a ring to evaluate, sell, and deliver to the buyer probably takes about a week on average.


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