Can send only one word wonderful mobile M applications Yo won millions of dollars financingWhy is

Can send only one word wonderful mobile M applications Yo won millions of dollars financingWhy is

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website, such as adjusting the location of advertising, suggest that advertising revenue will increase, but actually find it lower, in this case need to restore, and then try other optimization methods.

Advertising Changes on the in contributions!

let’s give you an example.

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is said to have completed the development of the app in just 8 hours with the developer Or Arbel. When originally submitted to the App Store, apple official once was "not yet completed" as the grounds, refused to Yo shelves. What’s interesting is that, on this year’s April Fool’s day, Yo finally landed at Apple’s app store and made an amazing achievement.

I dark horse: Twitter tweets on the Yo has 140 word restrictions, and one application supports sending a word, it is called "wonderful" chat applications. Recently, this wonderful mobile IM application "Yo", beyond all expectations raised $1 million.

if you don’t pay attention to Twitter, you need to show that Yo is a new application of a hot head scratching. All the prerequisites for this application are to send a word to other users: Yo.

as of now, this application attracted 50 thousand users, they sent a total of 4 million Yo. The following is an analysis given by TechCrunch China for the use of this exotic flower:


looks very simple, without rhyme or reason. With a slight attack or excitement, the modal word is not as boring as "Hey" and "Hi". But in any case, Yo is simple.

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reminded: "in the forum shouting" poor "without any benefits, it is better to use time for analysis reasons, improve the site.

seasonal price changes, such as some advertisers through advertising for AdWords main choice usually working hours and cancel weekend delivery, some only at night time delivery, time is also relatively reduce advertising during the holiday period. There are too many specific reasons. You need to take a closer look at the AdSense background and site analysis services such as shlf1314, Analytics reports, find the possible reasons, make specific adjustments, and observe the effect.

site traffic reduced, for example, to reduce the amount collected search engine ranking drop will cause the browser to decline, reduced income; the impact of seasonal flow, for example during the weekend or holiday and usually different, typical is the Spring Festival Eve and the first three days, people go to the family reunion dinner, and watch TV. A substantial reduction in the number of Internet users.

was originally a joke, but gradually became more interesting. Its popularity even reflects the direction of mobile social development. We are seeing the emergence of "digital dualism" the convergence of our digital and real life in many popular new applications. Snapchat has the characteristics of "burn after reading", while Whisper and Secret have anonymous features.

The feature of

you’re in the bar with your best friends and admirers. They both put their hands on your shoulder while talking. For outsiders, it all looks the same. However, a good friend tries you, and has physical contact with someone who may have a close relationship

Yo lies in context.

launched on April Fool’s day in April 1st, Yo currently has more than 50 thousand active users. The user has sent 4 million Yo to each other. In the case of not yet officially launched, the company co-founder and CEO orr ·, Abel Or Arbel completed the $1 million 200 thousand financing. The list of investors in this round of financing has not been announced. The only thing known is that angel investors, Mobli, CEO, Mo, Scher, ·, and Hogeiger Moshe Hogeg are involved in the round of financing.

often see someone in the forum said that the lower price AdSense raise a hue and cry, and is going to live like it, but the official shlf1314 help on the issue of price volatility in the center said there are two reasons: shlf1314 AdSense in the constantly perfect adjustment, advertisers put advertising changes. From my own analysis of the experience, the following possible factors lead to lower AdSense prices:

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