Network experience summed up how to build their own Taobao customersTwo suggestions on how to make t

Network experience summed up how to build their own Taobao customersTwo suggestions on how to make t

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is to let your visitors to your site to produce a sense of trust for the most important Taobao guest website content construction, only in this way can you improve your volume, do not simply copy the goods on the Taobao acquisition to your website, this volume is not high. Many veteran Taobao customers just build a blog site, or build a blog directly, and then create some articles related to their promotional products every day. In the beginning, recommend your website to your friends and some friends you know online. Slowly, as the original content increases, the site will also bring a certain amount of traffic from the search engine. Then exchange some links, or buy some high quality of the chain, and gradually increase the weight of the site.

note: Recently, many IDC have launched Taobao guest station package model, the purpose I think is also to facilitate more new site, here recommended www.t9dns >!

with the Taobao alliance vigorously promote Taobao customers, and now many people joined the ranks of Taobao promotion, Taobao guest website is now overwhelming hit. In the major search engines search keywords, "Taobao", in addition to the top few is Taobao’s own web site, the rest are Taobao guest website.

post promotion, general posts are no technical content, literally write a title, which put some promotion links. Easy to delete, the workload is also great. Not so easy to stand. A lot of good words, sh419 above the home page are all some BBS page, seize these do rankings, than yourself to do a site ranking is also easy, high weight BBS ranking than you small site easily. When we post, we can find some lengths first


how to original high-quality soft Wen, this for many beginners is a more difficult problem. Solve this problem can only slowly honed, and more look at some of the goods related to fashion news, see more, and slowly will write. There is also a simple way, for example, you want to promote "dress", you can collect about 5-6 of the dress pictures of goods, and then use the title of the goods as the basis for this picture description, you can modify it. General Taobao shopkeeper will describe the product picture is very comprehensive, as a picture of this commodity description can be.

this article will talk for a newcomer how to build their own Taobao guest website? Now many novice in building their Taobao guest website, the general practice is the direct purchase of a source code on the Internet, then a large number of Taobao acquisition of goods and stores the data, then the mass of the chain, so that high weight you can get a search engine, can bring a lot of traffic, then the high customer turnover will Taobao. In fact, the direct result of this is that the site has been built for a long time, there has been no turnover, and then slowly gave up, and finally come to a conclusion, Taobao promotion can not make money.

website promotion, do rankings or post promotion. Do the search engine rankings, affected by the relatively large, sh419 is a big update, many station ranking is not, for the station, traffic is money, in order to get more traffic, we tend to choose more popular words to do. Ranking in the front of the station, have bought a lot of links, for us than they are difficult, you can’t do the top three position, this position brings the flow is the most. I like the station, taobao taobao Ladies Home, these words can be in the sh419 home page, but in the back, bring me the traffic only 1-200 IP, sh419 index word is so high that traffic will face so much competition, prepared to do for these words of the people, do you think the value of it? I think it is not worth doing, this word, I would rather lose weight do these, promotion of a single product, one day a single transaction is 200IP scores, do these words, 200IP also dozens of good luck, bad luck may not have a few blocks, that is why, out of strength make money. It’s better to go directly to Taobao, Taobao. Ranking up the probability of almost, do these up flow much more than those. For the novice, select the web site keywords, I suggest you don’t all choose hot, choose a few simple words, plus a hot words. Do simple, with the hot, when your website weight is high, and then add nothing. Do simple things and earn at least a little money. Do SEO, do not want others to compete with you, you need to find other people do not pay attention to the words, you can easily stabilize the rankings. Also, choose keywords before, must observe sh419 index, although not so accurate, refer to, see a lot of webmaster choose word, sh419 index all have no. These words are easy to do, no traffic, and did not do the same. There are a lot of guest ask me, my site keywords ranking didn’t flow, old do not, the title also heard that can not be changed. I suggest you change it. You do not change, ranking does not go, no traffic; you do not change, ranking up, but no search, you have no traffic. Do not change, you do not have the same flow, changed the word, ranking up, but also to bring you some traffic. Barefoot, afraid of wearing shoes, what are you afraid of?.

do guest station, make money through the station. Through the promotion of formal methods, earn only those who do not know the guest people, know people will use their own links to buy. What do we need to do, how to make money through the promotion, amoy.

for a novice, if your own coding level is not very high, it is possible to sell a ready source code online or find someone to help build a Taobao site. Because this can speed up your website construction, also can let you save energy, pay more attention to the content construction of Taobao guest website. The core value of the website is the content of the website, not the coding level of the website. Of course, a good website code is good for your website’s optimization and promotion, but it won’t play a decisive role.

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