What kind of websites make the most money in the future fourTai Chi learning365 CPM products off the

What kind of websites make the most money in the future fourTai Chi learning365 CPM products off the

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just because we see the virtual world can provide these values, so the commercial entrepreneurship laboratory only to find that the virtual world is the most promising future we have been looking for "web site."". The materials in the real world are limited, and it is impossible to satisfy all the needs and desires of men. These are



the value of the virtual world is yet to be calculated, even if it removes the expectation of changing the world in the virtual world.

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e-commerce is to build a simple and convenient system for everyone to use, regardless of whether the person is using the internet. E-commerce is the general trend, as long as mankind does not die out, the Internet still exists, it will continue to improve and appear in this system.

we always think that we have spiritual and material differences, but the spirit is different from the material, the commercial entrepreneurship laboratory believes that the spirit is acquired, it is man-made". Therefore, the spirit is easy to die out, and because of this, the development of human spirit has lagged behind the material development. There hasn’t been much change in the past few thousand years.

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now, for business start-ups, what the future Internet will look like is already very clear.

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in what kind of website in the future most profitable three, I pointed out that the establishment of the virtual world is the "Internet revolution" the real results.

‘s Internet profit model is the only one selling two types of traditional goods services and creating valuable items. Compared to selling traditional commodities in reality, it is simpler and more profitable to create valuable goods. For example, the Tencent’s value-added services such as members, blue diamond, yellow diamond, virtual clothes and so on, a member of the cost is almost zero, the net profit is obtained. But things like members don’t have any value in themselves. The reason for making these things valuable is the virtual community of . And this virtual community is also a form of the virtual world.

now, the emergence of the virtual world opens a door to the spiritual world, and what human beings will become in a world that is a matter of secondary importance is a subject worth looking forward to and studying. What’s more, the human world will change accordingly. It is not clear what changes will be made.

The focus of

the future of the Internet will have two major directions, one is the sale of real world goods including services, represented by e-commerce. Another is to create something valuable, represented by the virtual world.

, in contrast, the virtual world is called "revolutionary" initiative. Perhaps it is the greatest achievement ever made in human history.

is still the most primitive form of the virtual world. What the virtual world is like is not yet known. But in order to be accepted by the virtual world, it is necessary to provide people with "value" and to provide people with the value they expect.

The virtual community of

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