The recent PTC click Wangzhuan relatively lowDai Renguang Taobao guest user friendly shopping guide

The recent PTC click Wangzhuan relatively lowDai Renguang Taobao guest user friendly shopping guide

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don’t PTC click the project it is a hitherto unknown low period, is the human factor, or really affected by the financial turmoil? May have it, we can recommend the suspension of the first PTC project, to do other projects, such as investigation, class, and the surf GDI station contribute money project. The original text is from:

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for Taobao to open TOP and Amoy Dongdong program acquisition function, I always feel this way is simple convenient Taobao guest access to Taobao products, this kind of approach may be more suitable for the kind of want to do "mall" Taobao guest website webmaster, but there is very little to say, this kind of website features usually, eyebrows beard, program will be paid less attention to the quality of the product itself and the site for the treatment of these products, daily work will only go into the collection, for this website is the lack of competitiveness in the market, if you can TOP or acquisition to good use, to understand their own collect what? After collection to the database, how to deal with these products? I think this is really should pay attention to, because if you want to create a The mall, then your product is your core competitiveness, you choose what kind of products you decide this is a what kind of website, before I for this kind of mall model Taobao customers are not optimistic, but still hold a neutral attitude, because I found there are still users love it very much station, including my girlfriend, she is very love Bibi hair before browsing website Taobao guest channel, then she told me that she felt Bibi hair choice of products is really very unique, often can stimulate her desire for shopping, I want to be able to ensure the quality of products is to seize the attention of consumers, this is not the acquisition can be completed, believe that this is after selective acquisition, two processing results, so the use of TOP and gathering of heroes in the number of webmaster, do not, Take quality as the goal.

although this topic is very topic but it seems a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the implementation of the people is not much, writing this article is originated from the recent super vision of customer data, some Taobao guest crazy acquisition of Taobao products, resulting in the access database of up to more than 400 M or even 600M, 700M, so as to constantly upgrade space, because like this database is consumption of server resources, the general space simply can not afford, while Taobao passenger revenue and did not seem to be because the amount of data increases the growth trend. This is not only a waste of host costs, but also the owners do not make money, the site itself has lost its true meaning.

NEOBUX due to the low, bring other click on the site is not good, for example, PERFORMANCEBUX has a very good reputation, the minimum payment amount is low, the daily advertising, in a very long period of time is very popular with the industry’s favorite, is now down. Such a lot of sites, poured one after another, really sad, a lot of offline have such feelings.

Click on the

user-friendly shopping guide service is what Taobao needs

and the birth of a new station in the near future to click is also very low, bad reputation, advertising less, plus limited number of referrals is very low, only a few dozen, some even only a dozen people, not to mention the interest to do, periodic survival is shorter, only a few days. The new station, not to pay down.

Taobao is a kind of shopping guide service, just as a clothing shopping guide in the mall to introduce customers, it is impossible to point to all the clothing and customers in the mall, I think these clothes are suitable for you. But according to the characteristics of customers, and then recommend the relevant clothing to customers, but also to explain some, the customer listened to feel very reasonable, and then will pay for the purchase of clothing. Apply to our Taobao industry, the first choice of products to be very high quality, hot sales. After that, according to different customers, there are different guides, and for a website, >

PTC click Wangzhuan relatively low, to talk about these things today.

circle deified NEOBUX from April 08 to now has been more than a year, has been good reputation, has become the industry’s most love, it is also the founder of immediate payment, it can be said PTC to a peak, creating a precedent for click circles, it creates wealth is very great by this point in the industry is positive. But from the recent PTC industry situation, NEOBUX is not optimistic, from the very start number limit line, is a part of the people left, there is the lease line activity is better than in the past, so many people give up investment, may be affected by the financial crisis, it also began to go downhill. It can be said, NEOBUX down on the PTC field brought a heavy blow. I hope NEOBUX gets out of trouble and gets better.

view TOP and product acquisition?

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