A sh419 webmaster pain advertising network allianceWithout the brand marketing model how can ndeed

A sh419 webmaster pain advertising network allianceWithout the brand marketing model how can ndeed

August 7, 2017 efmsxvjqwech 0

, Indeed Monster to become the United States for the first time beyond the recruitment information search site list in 2010. At present, the traffic is already Monster and CareerBuilder two sites integrated. On Wednesday, Indeed announced in January this year, the number of visitors they reached one hundred million. This is the job search site for the first time break this record.

Indeed is not the only one to do advertising has 100 million users within a month of the company. Instagram in the last month has reached 100 million users, is also in the absence of any marketing case. However, taking into account the Indeed competitor this powerful, it’s one hundred million users more impressive. Monster and CareerBuilder are still in the Super Bowl broadcast advertisements, and adhere to the annual commercial advertising plan.


Indeed was founded at the end of 2004, there have been several sets up the perfect operation of good company working in the field of search engines, such as Monster and CareerBuilder. Indeed is aware of this, in 2005, the company raised $5 million. It determines the existence with everything on the market competition of similar products.

According to the statistics of comScore

Indeed CEO and co-founder of RonyKahan said: "when we were founded in 2004, Monster in the year to do is to spend $250 million on advertising. So if we want to compete with the Monster must be launched ten times better than they are." This idea has been extended so far. Kahan told Mashable that Indeed have never done what advertising.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, this year, even worse than migrant workers, is to do site.

"historical records" is not said that "the world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to you, join the sh419 alliance, thought to the boss, can be backed by a good shade tree, later found out that my original idea is too naive, to do" little brother sh419 "there is a price to pay.

Indeed is innovation, as Kahan said, using the "shlf1314 search mode" to carry out recruitment search. Compared with the salary list shows only the traditional search engines, Indeed also grasp the work of other information related to the development of the company and the relevant information, to provide comprehensive contrast for the user. In addition, the search of a variety of forms, including industry, region and keywords. Although this strategy is not enough to make Indeed become known to every family name, but to some extent, this effectively attract users.

Indeed in September last year was acquired by a Japanese company Recruit, it also enhances its own case. K source says he is not going to change the marketing strategy of the company said: "now, the effect is very good. >



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