n the face of the bubble era where is the APP developer’s way outSocial networking Tagged ultra Fa

n the face of the bubble era where is the APP developer’s way outSocial networking Tagged ultra Fa

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according to the ComScore survey, Tagged users average access 18 times in March, second only to Facebook’s average 36 visits. Tagged users spend about 12.1 minutes per visit to the site – only behind Tumblr 14.7 minutes, beating Facebook 10.9 minutes.

now, as the biggest growth potential of Android systems, although the system is open source, but it is not optimistic. Even though the number of users in Android systems is the most current, the Android system does not have much room for profit for developers. The Android system is open source, which shows how much harder it is to charge Android. Compared to Android, iOS platform is more attractive. Because Apple has built a sound ecosystem of APP, your APP can be sold at Apple’s app store right away. Once someone pays for the purchase, Apple will split the deal with the developer in accordance with the agreement. So choosing iOS is a good choice relative to profitability. Of course, the new Windowsphone system can also be considered. Because the system is now out, so now the system has a lot of appeal. After all, Microsoft is a big company, so >

, in 2004, the old friend set out to create a social network for Facebook high school students at the start of Tagged. But later, Facebook expanded beyond the closed campus network and allowed people over the age of 12 to register.

guesses about America’s most promising social network. Facebook? That’s wrong. Twitter’s wrong?. Pinterest? Wrong again. According to comScore’s latest social networking survey data, in March, Tagged, based in San Francisco, offers services that are not like other websites. But it is the only site in the top two of all comScore metrics.

and Facebook as their main website is different, the user is to establish the relationship between organization and maintenance of the line, Tagged functions as a "entrance" allow users to find romance or friendship on the internet. The website is designed to encourage users to build relationships based on common interests, tastes and hobbies.

the speed of modern technology has shocked us, apart from these surprises. We are also experiencing and enjoying the convenience of APP in the smart age. Both in life and work, intelligent APP has the advantage of convenience. It is precisely because of the existence of these APP, it is the arrival of the era of smart phones. Now you go out without an intelligent machine and feel embarrassed to go out. In fact, this is not about the face of the problem, but because people have long been accustomed to the convenience and convenience of intelligent APP. Just like the simplest weather queries, in the non smart machine era, orders from weather forecasters are ordered to get text messages to get weather information. However, in the era of smart machines, all these things have become extremely convenient, and users can see the latest weather conditions directly on the mobile phone interface. To get these updated weather changes, just install an intelligent APP.

co-founder and CEO of the Tagged Greg Tseng said the March ComScore data makes him very happy, just a year’s time, his company is ranked as one of the most popular social network of American people.

"we take seriously study and think in the end we can’t win" Tseng said, "but we have noticed that many of our customers love with the function of Tagged" tags "to meet new friends, so as to give us a" pivot "into a new space, we known as the" community discovery ", people can use this website to get the new social relations.

what’s the secret of Tagged’s success? It’s just the pivot of a Tseng and his partner, Johann Schleier-Smith, who created in early 2008".

Tseng says that ten million active Tagged users each month will set up one hundred million new relationships on average. The site, which has been profitable since 2008, has increased three times over the past year and is now over 170.

APP is the survival environment of these smart phone platforms, but now APP has emerged in the bubble era. A growing number of APP developers are beginning to think about new ways. The following is the ZZD5 blog webmaster integrated some articles on the Internet, summed up some of their views. If you don’t speak well, please bring forward. Learn from each other and make progress together. Hope that those reproduced can give a source. Don’t take it as your own. Thank you,

is now well known that the world’s two most popular smartphone operating systems are Android and iOS. Of course, there’s the old Symbian, BlackBerry’s smart operating system. APP is a program application based on operating system architecture. The architecture of each operating system is different, so APP developers need to make different choices and development optimization in the face of different operating systems. Although most intelligent operating systems are designed based on the ARM architecture, each operating system adds different system layers. So now, the first step for APP developers to develop APP is to select a good operating system.

"community discovery" is an emerging thing, so Tseng believes Tagged’s success will continue to grow

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