Another company C dies Amoy founder on the road nonsenseAunt firewood can do repeated criticism of

Another company C dies Amoy founder on the road nonsenseAunt firewood can do repeated criticism of

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, according to a supply side of Amoy road revealed that last December due to Amoy road funding tension, the two sides suspended cooperation.

began to disclose all the actual data

hereinafter, Q reporter Liu Qiongyu A Bo Wang Zhi, the aunt of founder Chai Ke

in fact, from the second half of last year, Amoy road began to sink into all kinds of "negative". The first is the end of November last year President Tang Yibo left office, since the spring and rumors of its C round of financing blocked.

cannot do without the "stride forward singing militant songs" behind the scene. Prior to this, "Amoy on the road" won the A round of financing from the red dot venture capital and Alibaba, and by the end of 2014, from Softbank China’s $20 million B round of financing. So the management background, seems to give Amoy road sufficient early burn power.

aunt today once again pushed to the media wave, we can chat with the founder of firewood, in addition to clarify some facts, the conversation is more valuable, is the founder of enterprises as a repeated criticism of the feelings of firewood can be a lot of words to say.


it is understood that Amoy on the road keen on big promotion. In April 28, 2014, only 10 days after the Amoy road line, it launched its first big promotion campaign, and achieved good results. In the next 6.28, 8.28, 10.28 big promotion period, have launched a spike and preferential products. Burn money wars on a grand scale.

might be able to do it in the future,

startups may send a lot of year-end awards to encourage people to stay when business models are unstable. But the person who stays for the year-end prize is not necessarily the best choice. After all, you are still a business model, in the exploration of the enterprise, spend or investors money?.

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A: we have confirmed with the cast party in October, but last year we accept health investment, corporate disclosure must give priority to its portfolio companies, so we must be later than all investors to make disclosure, this is a rather awkward fact.

This In an interview with

supply I horse said: "we put tourism products to Amoy Road sales, when trading after the customer to pay them, they will give us monthly settlement costs, but they have a lot of months there is no way to come with us settlement."

Q: rumored aunt, from March to September this year, nearly half of the loss of users, the actual data is what kind of


starts a business as a listed company,


Cui editor


introduction: today, this situation, I think it is very normal thing. When your company makes a big change, it’s likely to happen, and we need to use the right mindset to face it. An entrepreneur needs a strong heart.

declined to comment on the issue of black speculation." On the phone, Amoy on the road hereinafter referred to as Amoy Road founder Chen Wei seems quite calm, from time to time came hearty laughter.

, I, dark horse, Ma, April 7th,

, no matter at any time, whether it’s capital, winter or capital bubble, as a business person should be more rational to look at the problem, as far as possible to ensure that No.

is called entrepreneurship, Go Public,




A: This is the cause of slander. The other party has put his affairs on us. Specific circumstances, I can not say, are friendly industry partners are doing some things. In fact, in April this year, the giants want to bring together two companies. In the process, there is another thing, this is the other original, but Ann on us, seems meaningless.

Q: before the big aunt, BP data amplification 10 times fraudulent investors, and promised to give investment managers kickbacks way to promote financing rumors true,

Q: aunt, staff year-end awards are all canceled,

Q: aunt, whether the financing failure

a few hours ago, Amoy C round of financing failure rumors in the circle of friends Crazy: President Li Xin has taken the team to leave, most of the employees have signed with the company to terminate the labor contract agreement.

"from last year’s entry into the capital, the company has been struggling for almost two or three months."." Chen Wei told the I dark horse. But for some specific difficulties, Chen evasive.

A: staff year-end awards we have been in the hair, issued every February, once in 7 and August, the beginning of this year and in the middle of the year. But you have not seen any company in November issued year-end awards, we expect February next year will be issued as usual year-end awards, as to how much hair, I think this should be frank.

inability to pay is due to Amoy road "subsidies to users too much."".

then an official statement was refuted, the original CEO Li Xin for family reasons will step down CEO post, founder &, chairman Chen Wei took over. The statement also said that at the beginning of April, Amoy has identified a new round of financing on the road, will be used for channel construction, to expand commodity and brand promotion etc..

A: at the beginning of the month, it was about 34000000, more than 40 million last month. The problem is that public relations and data companies, such as ×, ×, and the industry, know that they are collecting money and doing things

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