The couple should do WangzhuanThe 17 year old high school dropout founders invented the new computer

The couple should do WangzhuanThe 17 year old high school dropout founders invented the new computer

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so, the third attempt began. I learned on the Internet that website can make money, but the only thing I can do is to make money through the advertising alliance. For starters, it’s hard to get a station with a certain amount of traffic. So then I chose software cheating cheating, but the effect is not ideal, even if one is cheating, Chinese spam alliance can not earn much money per day with one yuan has been very good. So, I began to quit the domestic advertising League, and I was not cheating, I began to learn SEO. Now I have 4 websites, and every site starts with 200 IP traffic in the first week, and there are about 15 GG hits per station. The 4 stations add up to ideal.

‘s research lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sohmers finally found his own world. Now Sohmers, 17, says he does not regret giving up his studies and starting his own business.

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this time I almost think Wangzhuan is the impossible, which have so good thing, sit at home can make money

later, I try to Chachabie online information in sh419. Pumianerlai is transferred off money offline advertising, like pulling a person 2 yuan RMB, but requires very high, to a month had a successful investigation, I also made a people’s assembly line, but a month before a questionnaire, so 2 months wasted the midway also made other mail click project.

Sohmers worked and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology research lab and studied everything from augmented reality glasses to laser communications systems. Also there, he met REX, another co-founder of Kurt, Keville. But before he formally entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology research room, his parents did not seem to support him in giving up his studies.

. People always worry too much when they talk about school and start a business. But enterprises are in the eyes of researchers, your education level is not important, it is important that your ability."

, this product is the first product launched by Sohmers, an enterprise REX, and the other founder of REX is 52 year old Kurt Keville. Currently, Keville is the CTO of the company.


this Tuesday, 17 year old Thomas Sohmers launched a new high-speed computer server computer, the power consumption is very low, the computer uses the ARM processor with low energy consumption, the electricity is only a small part of an ordinary computer.

Sohmers introduced this product, it can be described as high-speed computing power and low energy consumption as one. "Apart from electronic engineers, I think I’m still an entrepreneur," says Sohmers. I believe that the work I do will have an important impact on the world as a whole."

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with these stations to do GG, in fact, can not make a lot of money. So I started a different way, and I started selling with the website. Choose a better product sales. Made a shop system, do software sales. Sales of software are all people will buy more mass software. There’s a reason for choosing this, and I don’t have to worry about the supply later. Because this is forever sold. And the cost is good, a software can be sold to around 20-40 yuan. So you earn about one hundred per day. You can make hundreds when you’re good. Then I have to start pulling the membership system, because only in this way will attract more people to charge a fee, as long as he can enjoy here all the software and online video data, so there are a lot of the members. It’s stable at about a hundred a day. Of course, it will depend on publicity. Now, I know more than before, and I nearly cheat on other cheats. But in the end, I chose myself. I taught myself, site change version, SEO, and now my station daily flow basically maintained at 500-600I>

Sohmers said: "I have applied three times to join the Research Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.". The first time I applied was 14, when my parents didn’t really support me. But then they found out that I wasn’t happy in high school. So they began to understand my idea slowly. Now they are very supportive of my work."

"Even if I can’t change the world, I’m going to get something else," says

Sohmers dropped out of high school a few years ago and joined the entrepreneurial accelerator Thiel 20, Under, 20, Fellowship, founded by Peter Thiel. In 2011, while other peers were preparing for college, Sohmers began to learn programming. He received $100 thousand in seed money and followed some of Silicon Valley’s leading technical talents.

demonstrated the server at the Open Compute Project OCP conference in San Francisco this week at Sohmers.

did not come for a long time published an article, to the new friend about how I do Wangzhuan today. Contact Wangzhuan have 5 months, just started also do not know what Wangzhuan, I only know that the network can make money, but that is not a lot, only know Taobao, so I went to Taobao opened a shop selling clothing, pull, supply is an online agent, so the quality and price of goods no more of the advantages, so a month later, I didn’t sell something. In this way, the first step to success is to fail.

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