For several reasons the website down right

For several reasons the website down right

August 12, 2017 yopnwpxjvdfx 0

The most important thing to do is

2, website done massive revision

website revision is a normal thing, search engine has made it clear that a reasonable revision is not caused by the Shanghai Phoenix site is down right, but if the change is too large, such as the template with the exchange, replacing the title home page information, website main keywords with, may also may affect the weight of the website.


4, the content of the websiteThe

webmaster is not willing to meet what is the site is K or drop right, there are many, the site is down right after the performance such as search engines reduce, page snapshot not update, site traffic is greatly reduced, without the host today (www.51php贵族宝贝) small according to the self understanding of Shanghai dragon and Web search engine, reason and share site is down right, different people have different views, I hope you through reading this paper can bring you inspiration.

sites have two names, one is the domain name with WWW, a WWW, if the site does not do 301 jumps, the weight of the website is distributed to two different domains, indirectly lead to a single domain to reduce weight, influence your search engine.


search engine highly original content, a web site if it is collecting the contents or repetitive content, Web text quality is not high, also won’t get good rankings.

1, domain name is not set 301 jump, the weight of

3, website optimization over

Shanghai dragon website optimization, reasonable optimization can improve your search engine index and frequency, enhance friendly degree of search engines, including IP independent PHP virtual host, in Shanghai Longfeng promotion process will have more advantages, the search engine will determine the independent IP site site quality is relatively high, easy to improve your weight. But at the same time, if the optimization is excessive, will provoke the search engine, there may be guilty of cheating, so as to reduce the weight of the website. In the website optimization process to avoid the emergence of a large number of 404 pages, don’t appear dead links, key words not too much, not blindly stack keywords.

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