After the analysis of the construction site to website optimization

After the analysis of the construction site to website optimization

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style home key, the center should be subject expression throughout the site. Keywords: such as "Shangyi network positioning of construction sites in Chengdu,"


4. ALT information: at present, the search engine to support all the pictures and flash are not perfect. But often in order to website appearance, we need to add some dynamic website in the image, the picture, to beautify the site effect. But we need to pay attention to is: in addition to the best picture at the same time, increase the ALT information, ALT can effectively represent the current image or Flash file is what. Love is often the Shanghai picture according to the picture information included in alt.

5. frame tag abuse: many websites to compatible browser or call other information, often use frame/frameset/iframe tags to love reading. In fact, the frame/frameset/iframe tag will cause the search engine trouble. Is not conducive to the website optimization. Therefore, recommend a friend to minimize the use of frame tags.


2.URL length: whether it is love or in Shanghai. Google is still good. All search engines are required to URL the length of not more than 255 bytes. We can use tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 to detect.

static page settings: static pages are divided into two types. One is the pseudo static, is the two generation of HTML form. No matter what form is good, we should pay attention to is not able to use the dynamic parameters in the static page. This will cause the search engine spiders repeatedly or repeat capture content, has a great impact on this site included and ranking

method of the title: according to business experience, the title of the page first words best we need to promote a keyword. For example: Chengdu website production company. This method often can effectively improve the relevant keywords ranking.

6. title, keywords and Description settings: before taking it easy network is discussed, we do a good job in a web site. The title, keywords and description of the web site is the first need to define, and accurate positioning. Specifically as follows:

many friends often ask the business network, website optimization to do? What are the main points? Today, business and share some of the experience of website optimization. I hope everyone can give to help.

1. framework: the construction site is like building a house, no good foundation. The quality of the house is not guaranteed. So is the website construction, we should not only pay attention to the color of the application. The website framework is particularly important. The key content is placed which position is not important and how to put. Similar problems and so on. We are should be considered in the site.

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