Example the new operation within 3 days of home page and the inside pages included

Example the new operation within 3 days of home page and the inside pages included

August 12, 2017 cnonvormtvye 0

necessary conditions on the contents page included

first content if the collection is the best, make the appropriate changes in the title. Secondly, it must appear on the home page, of course.


in the chain operation of the above

if they have the resources of course the best start to the site, directly with the friends of the chain. If not, it depends on individual effort, if you can get to the Links, 10 is no problem, do not consider the problem is new or old station.

acquisition station (a lot of content because of its content as pseudo original website that was changed in meaning has changed the taste, of course, not all) released, just released a part of them (more than 1000 pages). The three second label website of the meta must be their own nature, must not be collected, and remember the three major labels must be written.


we all know to make new home page to be made quickly is relatively easy, but the inside pages also included with the fast is not so easy, because we all feel that love Shanghai has an observation period of the new station, also operating websites, all so, so there are some words circulating on the internet. The new station will be a good development content, do not send the chain, good original content can be hailed as the new development of the language transfer route. Let the thoughts of webmaster friends of subversion now, I guess a lot of friends are out of operation, just don’t want to share it. Following the first by the writer’s Web site:

About sitemap . In fact,

believe this webmaster friends all know, do not forget, sitemap site map or to make, and don’t forget to submit to love Shanghai.

on Links operation

so the content operation the operation is as follows:

there is a misunderstanding, a lot of people (including before I have friends) that the railway station is not suitable for the chain. However, this operation does not follow the so-called "new line", is also followed the hair of the chain, of course, this is certainly the artificial selection. In the chain, do not choose to do BBS signature and blog comments. But chose the station related forums, with links to Shanghai, love products, network favorites, the four pieces of news submission place for the construction of the chain, quality not quantity.

first statement under the website most content is collected, perhaps the webmaster friends heard the collection station, will be directly classified into garbage sites inside. I want to say is that in this mistress can positive age, were collected to make their own website, as long as the service characteristics, are useful to the user, why not recognized by


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