From the search search business to see Shanghai dragon consultants Shanghai Longfeng expectations

From the search search business to see Shanghai dragon consultants Shanghai Longfeng expectations

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recently in a headhunter’s friend said one of their customers need a full-time consultant to Shanghai Longfeng responsible for network marketing and promotion, and set up the team, let the sincere help, understanding of the general situation after several friends to recommend. Of course, this is not the point, is not our concern, first look at the business requirements:

enterprise for Shanghai dragon consultants are generally relatively high, especially for online shopping enterprises, may be the company most of the profit expectations of all the pressure in the Shanghai dragon body, from a certain angle can also reflect the enterprise needs to have the potential of Shanghai dragon and professional knowledge, can be used as a reference and direction our Shanghai dragon ER development. After all we know and learn Shanghai dragon also to benefit and create value, but this value in the enterprise feel more obvious.

first, this company and website optimization ranking has been very good, traffic is stable, but also because people change before Shanghai dragon head, so the purpose is very clear, Shanghai dragon new consultants need to break the bottleneck to the base. This is a strategic level, if you do, then you must be in time to break through the current sales, and to maintain growth. According to the conventional Shanghai dragon strategy, simply from the keywords ranking, ranking of long tail keywords, to get traffic to the turnover rate, right, the problem is that women’s health products (that is, weight loss, breast enhancement and so on) the competition is relatively large, many people do, according to the current situation, may not get traffic difficult, but how to promote the deal? This is a question worth considering. Most of its peers in this area is poor.

then, after the first step of ranking and traffic, conversion rate will increase somewhat, but how to maintain a certain proportion of growth? Perhaps this speculation is the best way, how to use hot to quickly improve the turnover? Our conventional means; price war, promotional gifts war, war, war and so on are the prizes you can use the certainty of success can have much, to bring the number of transactions, the need for a prediction, or how to communicate with each other? People are concerned with the accurate data.

company for a brand of female health products distributor network, the website construction and optimization of the ranking work has been completed, and stable operation for half a year. In order to seek better development and sales breakthrough, we are looking for a full-time Shanghai Longfeng consultant, responsible for network marketing affairs, responsible for the company’s product sales network, and maintain a certain percentage of growth. In a short time. The group built their company and is responsible for the management of Shanghai dragon team. Requires more than 3 years relevant working experience, have experience. By hiring a salary + High Commission (actually by the Commission, the company basically is low).

in the shopping network in addition to come from the search engine traffic conversion, the other way to get traffic is also very important, you can also get from what channels? "

is a simple phrase, the sincere opinion is very demanding!

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