After the love Shanghai big update to website optimization

After the love Shanghai big update to website optimization

August 12, 2017 svkpikimjbzs 0

third, the adjustment of the direction of


every time you love Shanghai big update, several joy several sorrow, no matter your keywords ranking is good or bad, to be calm. If your keyword ranking dropped, indicating the big love Shanghai the direction of adjustment and optimization method you are inconsistent, need to improve the website search engine optimization method, follow the pace, if your keywords ranking high, keyword ranking is better, so that consistent love Shanghai the adjustment direction and you keep the site optimization method, the original optimization method can be improved better, of course.

we first think about a problem, you do website optimization to search engine, or to the user, this is the essence of the website optimization, if you do website optimization to search engine, then you will always be the object of love Shanghai against Shanghai, love will give you time to hit, if you do website optimization is to the user, then every love Shanghai update will give you a surprise. Do something useful to the user experience, do not hurt the user experience.

We all know that ?

love Shanghai some time ago the big update, many web site keywords ranking was reduced, after the love Shanghai big update, how can we have a good ranking, we should also follow the adjustment pace to follow the love of Shanghai, so that they can have a good ranking, so how do we do the optimization is mainly to do the following

thought the concept is very important

first, first a good state of mind, calm state of mind is the key to

love Shanghai

fourth, Links

love Shanghai the adjustment direction of the two aspects: 1, we no substantive content of the site, improve the site’s ranking keywords high quality content; 2, decrease in the chain of keywords ranking factors. Love changes in Shanghai, so we do website optimization, also needs to be changed, according to the first aspect, we minimize the reproduced content, of course how the user experience is good, is conducive to resolving the problem of the user, we still can be reproduced, of course not all reproduced the entire site. Whether the pseudo original problem, the author thinks that if you think this article is good, coupled with their point of view, this article makes more perfect, it is also very possible. In second aspects, reducing the role of the chain of love in Shanghai, so we don’t focus on the chain, to create high quality content, of course, the role is not to say, outside the chain of nothing, only with respect to love Shanghai before adjustment for the chain greatly reduced.

I found that there are now a part of the webmaster friends to spend a lot of time in exchange Links up, according to the analysis of the author, the author found that many very good keywords ranking site, some sites did not exchange Links, some websites Links is very small, but not the reverse link, there is a very.

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