Discussion eight ingredients adversely affect Shanghai Dragon

Discussion eight ingredients adversely affect Shanghai Dragon

August 12, 2017 gmgroinyygii 0

two, the quality of the chain is not up to

, a Links with improper

How to avoid

high quality website not only need the site to build environment, web page design, website layout perfect, and the content of the web site, as well as Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also essential. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a double-edged sword, the use of good sites to bring endless benefits, improper use may lead to site is K. However, as long as the master of Shanghai dragon optimization skills, to avoid some unfavorable factors in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, your site will then in Shanghai ranked among the best in the love.

site in Shanghai love in rank or weight, quality and website in Google RP and the lifting of the chain has an integral relationship. If you do not pay attention to the number of the chain of quality concern, continuously the group chain will bring a lot of garbage outside the chain to the site, increase search engine cost, and the mass chain itself belongs to a kind of cheating behavior, long-term group chain will be search engine punishment, the website weight and you are falling ranking. In fact, the search engine is link to the quality, so the chain must be original, often go to the forum or blog have some interaction etc..


site is down right, and Links is one of them, if the site is down right, first on their own website Links detailed examination, see if there is K or drop right, if Links is K, will be immediately cancelled. But after removing a link to each other, and must contact each other webmaster, do stand with the truth in life is the same, must have morality. If the exchange Links when a detailed examination of the foundation of the other site, check the snapshot time, the website included, website ranking position, there is no other site is K or drop right, can for the future of Shanghai dragon website optimization to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

is not conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon eight main ingredients? A:

four, often change the website title

three, the title only use pictures

There are many reasons to love Shanghai

for many years engaged in the construction site are generally not made such.

HD picture can make the site looks more and have a unique style in the form of pictures, titles and menus than text in the form of a lot better. But for Shanghai Longfeng optimization in terms of words, the use of picture title is not conducive to the website ranking. Because of H2, H3, etc. these menu links for Shanghai dragon optimization plays a very important role, if your site H2, H3, and other labels do not novel is very difficult to win the search engine’s favorite, and a large number of customers will also affect the opening speed of the user, so the user experience is not good the paper rate of science and technology through technical here, compression will store a large amount of customer pictures on the site will be back, to avoid the disadvantages brought by the slow loading pictures.

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