Case analysis of youth related sites caused by Shanghai Dragon

Case analysis of youth related sites caused by Shanghai Dragon

August 12, 2017 svkpikimjbzs 0

detailed analysis of the website, as a case study, success always excels




3, the bottom two key links, with strong tags.

content of the original is from love of spiders in Shanghai Farmar, see he is how.


in the cinema and watch at home is the two kind of feeling, a couple of shots to finish, so love Shanghai "Youth", a wonderful station, quickly into my sight.

5, the use of the program to determine the basic dedecms

? The

checked the data:


4, there is a very special place, just click the play picture link with nofollow, it is because the links above and the

1, which included 25 papers, 641. relative to the chain and chain included yesterday and the day before, are on the rise.

2, there is no high weight chain? Not found, 90% from the chain of love station. Who said that love Shanghai on the same site too much chain bullsh blow?…

1, introduction, introduction, can be said to be from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

ranking is very good Oh!

7, density 2.9%, consistent with the standard used to say.

2, H1 tags in the first row, then the H2 tag strong sense of hierarchy, Article 30, the H label, this is h5.

read Shanghai Longfeng data, now to share in the station optimization, listed some special places:

he looked up the station love Shanghai weight, I wipe…

6, the content page Keywords: automatic system description, automatic interception plus, nothing special. But each article inside there is a link to the home page, with strong and color. Not every wrong, which some articles without keywords.

The analysis of

1, the title of the 34 characters, description and keywords are not. One important point, this line of code, prohibition of search engines based on this snapshot, it seems the spider is more sensitive.

, the 2 articles are >


youth is used to miss, so I bought a ticket for the movie. Back hooked, call the university man, talk about those years overtake girl…


included 15, 7 weight in 3 days ago someone broke through.


6 day Shanghai weight 7, this is a master at all?


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