Don’t understand the nature you play what Taobao search model

Don’t understand the nature you play what Taobao search model

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model, it is necessary to know what is the principle. After understanding the working principle we can analyze the reasons, find the way. We first look at a simple principle, we will focus on the following will introduce to you.

We want to understand the thirteenth

, a search principle model:

2.2 Taobao keywords after the transaction will be in accordance with the AB algorithm to assign weights

2, commodity ID weighting scheme (seller, popularity, service model)

1, the use of search engines to find the target product class skills (category model and text model);

is to say if you want to increase the weight of A+B, you need to increase the weight of A+B+C or A+B+D, so that the flow and weight growth is the most stable.

we can determine the center word, then to test out the words in the title to the center right for our keywords with search engine vulnerability.


2.3.2 is the main search keywords increase the click rate is higher than the industry average of K times, K value >

modal dress"

For example: "

where we say, we all know the weight include keywords weight, weight and weight of baby shop. The direct effect and the best improvement is our keyword weight. We first need to lift up the weight of keywords, weight and weight to improve the baby shop.

We all know that

if we want to increase the weight of the weight of keywords, we need to improve the modal package hip dress "and" modal Korean dresses’ two words first. 2.3 how to improve the weights of keywords

Taobao, the only constant is change. In 2015 Taobao also rules constantly updated, more brush brush single ranking; the inexplicable is down the right contact; second inspection system and pay cheating; flow of the weight of ascension, the train is the focus of this year’s Taobao. Sometimes we will not feel free to flow we have less you think of why?. This is because Taobao update changes before operation method has not been able to bring more traffic. We need to update the transformation of Taobao’s thoughts and steps about us, seize the key assessment indicators, and strive to reach standards of the shop can be. Nonsense not say, today to share some of the things you don’t know:

2.1 system to automatically match the default keyword weight


2.3.1 based search keywords (word) to show the amount of

because each title contains multiple keywords, the weight of each keyword is not the same. But the greater the amount of search keywords, the higher the weight distribution. So theoretically, we do in the title transaction, select attribute word search volume is not higher than that of the center word matching.

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