Love Shanghai data marked with what effect do

Love Shanghai data marked with what effect do

August 27, 2017 xdjmhapwdkkt 0

the original data annotation love Shanghai Figure 1:

love haisou display left blank area

2, left blank advantage

on the left side of Shanghai here love why set blank, many webmasters and search are fancier is also constantly There were many discussions. All kinds of conjecture. As everyone knows, the love of Shanghai before the search box page is very simple, all the search results will be displayed from top to bottom from left to right are lined up. Love Shanghai why change the norm, it launched a large left vacant. In fact, the official in Shanghai Webmaster Platform – Webmaster tools help "data annotation tools help a text which made a profound elaboration (the relevant user to access Webmaster Platform). Love for the introduction of Shanghai data annotation, but also to the left of the whirling blank provided the most powerful source of argument. What is the love of Shanghai data annotation, especially what will help for many of our webmaster friends, Xiao Bian here will be through some of my own experience can bring you some help.

will be left blank aside from browsing, the habit of speaking, with a user’s gaze point, line of sight and click behavior can give users the best experience. Presumably these are also in love with the sea will reserve a reason left blank; at the same time the reservation also reflects the most and have associated with the user, more concentrated. Love will according to the classification system of Shanghai users to search, with the most popular words, that all the user clicks or attention, by filing, labeling body.


has been a related love Shanghai intimate search has never been interrupted, since love Shanghai search page appears to the right pictures, guess you love " " introduction, and love Shanghai snapshot of the lower right corner of the praise degree and so on, many details will focus on the love of Shanghai new generation search focus for -TechWeb. Our customer terminal users, is undoubtedly a huge innovation. We bring great convenience in the use of a new generation of search engine, at the same time for the huge change, want to fully understand. One of the most interesting is that the love Shanghai search box left blank area (Fig. 1).

love is very simple, Shanghai introduced the data marks is the extension of the intimate search, with love in Shanghai new year for precise search, fast display, attentive service and other aspects of the attention, the gradual emergence of a more appropriate way to user search habits. According to the official words: the data annotation tool, is a kind of fast structured data will be submitted to the website to love the way Shanghai. As long as you use the mouse to draw a simple choice, love Shanghai can quickly learn how to extract structured data from your website, and this information can show in Shanghai in search results by the rich in the form of image and enhance the site’s traffic. It is through learning behavior, record all users of visitors, to more elaborate display user requirements and other aspects of purpose.

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