Keywords no flow of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index is not necessarily small

Keywords no flow of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index is not necessarily small

August 27, 2017 wpimufqwmftm 0

how to analyze this kind of words, there is no choice of correct index flow is very good keywords.

the sheep keyword index was 384.

1. in line with the user search habits

I choose this keyword when sheep farming is through my analysis of other keywords index of breeding industry, and then calculate it is an index of keywords.

beef this index was 764, about 2 times of the keywords of the sheep.

by the above data, the price of mutton sheep without flow keywords. If the above keywords by calculating the data, the price of mutton sheep keyword flow should be at more than 100, so I just choose the keywords to optimize. But through the optimization effect of the current point of view, the second page can have the keyword traffic flow, more than I had expected.

love Shanghai user search habits, it is our own search habits. The price category keywords, keywords, key technology areas are in conformity with the love of Shanghai user search habits, such as keyword + keywords + technology, price, place and keywords. Keywords price appeared mainly in the commodities, goods, services and other industries, technology keywords occurred mainly in the education and training industry, local keywords such as the region’s main services or products etc..

now most of the webmaster friends in the choice of keywords, the first look at the key words there is no index, index. Keywords most people will choose to love Shanghai high index optimization, or choose the long tail keywords index is optimized, thereby neglecting those who do not have the keyword index, flow.

I The keyword

optimized website is a breeding site optimization keywords for sheep farming, sheep and sheep prices of these three, the sheep breeding and meat sheep breeds love Shanghai index is more than 200, the price has not been included in sheep.

love Shanghai

is optimized for more than a month, because the sheep breeding and meat breeds the two key words too much competition ranked only fifth and fourth pages, and the price of mutton ranks to the second page. Statistical data from the site, enter the site through the sheep breeding and meat varieties of these two words the flow rate was 0, and the price to enter the site traffic through sheep have a dozen. We all know that the general keywords ranking below the top five, so the share of the flow ratio is very small, and now this keyword to my site in the price of second sheep a dozen pages can flow, the keyword search volume.


analysis of 2. other keywords

beef price index was 311, about the 40% keywords of beef cattle.

this keyword index no price of mutton sheep.

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