From the home page analysis and 360 viewers love Shanghai

From the home page analysis and 360 viewers love Shanghai

August 28, 2017 pfefptdfkerv 0

360 launched a comprehensive search, caused a stir on the internet. Especially love Shanghai’s biggest reaction, as awakened from sleep, with hitherto unknown acceleration to improve the user experience, lest 360 rob it of the cake. If people engage in search of love in Shanghai is not put in the eye, but this is the Internet fighter Zhou Hongyi, where he went, where there is smoke, once let the penguin Empire sleepless nights, who knows what will this week old



marketing system and so on, we stand in the Chinese ordinary users of the angle between the 360 search and see the boss who will please users love Shanghai. In my opinion, at least in the front page of the user experience, search 360 is really cater to Chinese Internet psychological.

why? China’s Internet users are now in the stage of rapid growth, but there is great potential for growth, Chinese Internet environment is also changing them, put it bluntly is also showing the chaos. Most Internet users for the network environment is very strange, most people still hold a strong curiosity in exploring the complex network environment, even a lot of people are playing QQ, mail stage. Therefore, most people do not need to use complex network techniques, as long as convenient and interesting, can get the information they need is very easy to meet. Plainly, more convenient, more intelligent tools or websites easier to win the heart of ordinary users. Just imagine, ordinary users will search for information using advanced instruction like occupation webmaster do? The search engine is even more so, who provide users more convenience for users who experience better. Of course not so complicated. So, for the love of Shanghai and the 360, which "China" user experience better


in my opinion, the 360 will be better.

No matter what we now advanced

can be seen from the figure, the interface is very simple and generous love Shanghai, various search fine around a search box on the search, not too fancy. The following is the copyright information almost no attention. This interface gives the impression that we do professional search. Ordinary users log on to the interface, but also have nothing better to do, only love Shanghai.

we look at not login account, love Shanghai and 360 home page provides us what.

loves Shanghai home so little things, but gives people a sense of professional. However, 360 of the situation will be very different. The following figure:


actually, 360 in the past few months, has been rapid in China search market occupy a space for one person, at least to squeeze down Google China. The following figure:



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