What really happened in 2015 outside the chain of no use

What really happened in 2015 outside the chain of no use

August 30, 2017 efmsxvjqwech 0

used the "Legend of miraculous content is king, the chain for the emperor" has disappeared in the long history, the shortest time and everyone in the group discussion, found that many are not mentioned in the chain of things, I will discuss the topic of the chain to them from their mouth that now is not the "content is king for the chain" the emperor King chain but the content is not what is outside the chain, the legendary really lost the role of

from the exchange to the old webmaster said now is in accordance with the website weight to calculate the weight amount of traffic, now the weight rule in figure

may say some of the novice to understand, do not care you can visually recognize it, we see the weight high website will pop the chain in the other portals, they successfully put the weight of the site promotion is very high, so we just like the successful learners, you can direct.



when I saw this figure would not believe, because be fooled in my experience in most of the time, so I have a mind, I also know that in the analysis of love Shanghai weight after the rules modification is indeed in accordance with the flow to calculate the weight, but the difference is only the weight of a web site quality and users can really effect weight in the rankings reflect the ranking, but I use Adsense tools inquires the analysis with the chain number and flow to calculate the ranking, there is little chain website ranking lack is very low, not what advantages, but there are also individual sites outside the chain of less weight reached 6 of the website. The chain you think also know, the chain is on a site that is recognized, the more the chain site that you love Shanghai number of web users recognized your website more. This is the main or secondary analysis in my search rankings and the beginning of the experiment found that when I create a net net speed speed released basically not included when I send a chain the article was collected, included is included but can only display the home page, when the chain more and more articles. The title of the article shows, from which we can see that the chain is used to rank the keywords to mislead others

visual cognition

have friends to share in the group, I query a website he did not set what keywords, originally wanted to ask his set of keywords with chain can put up keywords, this guy says website set keywords chain is no use there is no use, now is an important content of quality. I don’t care about me in the direct portal site analysis, a case study of NetEase find the website keyword large set is more, he said no it is fake, I use some tools to query the site keywords ranking, shows the row number, behind the display of traffic, I click on keywords love to see Shanghai search ranking is indeed correct. Since the set of keywords ranking can get traffic so why not set keywords can only rely on the quality of the content, this is obviously a flicker.

? old webmaster, visibleThis

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