The site is down right do not have to do the three step will lie calm to save the situation

The site is down right do not have to do the three step will lie calm to save the situation

August 30, 2017 exmkiwrukxce 0

& & solve the policy: it is not too late, after the site is down right, we need to find the previous add anchor text of the article, and then delete the anchor text over some repetition, keep an article up to two anchor text, and add anchor text in the article to add on after.


also said that the site right down there may be some objective factors, Shanghai is the best algorithm for miscarriage of justice, but the possibility is very small, the site is down right the first time we should be looking for the internal factors of our website itself, analyzes why the website will be right down. The reason I hengheshashu site right down, could not enumerate, take the three kinds of the most common reasons and the corresponding policy to solve and share with you:

] the first step: analysis of why the website is down right, and the implementation of the corresponding policy to save


& & solve the policy: can choose to manually delete, but if the amount is huge, you can choose to delete the use of tools, or to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform on dead link submission.

(1) abuse website anchor text. The anchor text has been used to rapidly upgrade tool website ranking, but excessive use will cause the love website in Shanghai think of cheating, then will trigger the punishment mechanism, finally will be down the right site. The website is a typical example of the abuse of the anchor text:

(3) site is down right Links. Shanghai Links algorithm for the exchange of love has become more and more strict, if there are too many of our website is right down the chain, then we end up will be right down.

(2) site there are a lot of dead links. Dead links both for the user or love of spiders in Shanghai is a friendly, only a few dead links can accept, but if there are a lot of websites that dead links can’t get love, Shanghai spiders will think your site is a low quality website, deweight naturally.

believes that every operation of website owners would have site is down right through, right down the website is sometimes inevitable, may be their optimal error, may also be the love Shanghai algorithm of false positives, but many novice Adsense on site right down is very sensitive, see your site is down the right to immediately want to give up, this idea is wrong. Run a website is not easy, because if a drop right to give up, this would be. In fact, right down to the site site is not sentenced to death, just give the site a "self repentance" opportunity, therefore, face down the right we should not panic, as long as calm, and do the following three steps mentioned above, I believe that soon will be able to save the situation right down.

& & solve policy: delete "bad chain". Some buyers do not want to close links and links must be deleted immediately, if found each other to a moment of abnormal snapshot

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