Through the analysis on how to love the experience of Shanghai effectively promote local tourism web

Through the analysis on how to love the experience of Shanghai effectively promote local tourism web

September 3, 2017 exmkiwrukxce 0

, in Shanghai love experience website flagship local travel products

first look at a picture:


looked carefully, found that many competitors are using the love experience of Shanghai local tourism promotion website, through almost all the Raiders, some scenic spots, lines, eat, wear, live, play, hotel and so on tourism product promotion, but also to experience through ranking and content is very high the article, as long as the words in the title and content of the appropriate settings can be quickly fell in love with the sea to search for your release, some users will love the search scenic tourist routes single, then the paper find the love experience of Shanghai chapter click, if the user really want, help for users, one hundred percent of users will click on links to your site. How to love the experience of Shanghai platform for effective promotion of local tourism website of the author.

when I do a few days in Shanghai experience love on the platform after the discovery of love experience for Shanghai local tourism promotion website, and the drainage effect is also very good, take the love experience of Shanghai search box, just enter the Guizhou tourist attractions can be ranked in the top three or first page. This is a picture of the search keywords "Chishui scenic area" and that the search results, the two are my June 5th posts, but there are many competitors in, from the user’s point of view, some people love on this platform in search of content, and can think of love the experience of Shanghai has been in the minds of users have been identified.

for example: Chongqing to Chishui scenic area, which is a classic tourist routes Guizhou tourism network, group purchase volume is very large, every day there will be a lot of people to buy this line to travel, this time I can put the line as the flagship of the network products made in.

in the promotion of local tourism website, the website can appropriate selection of main products to promote, what is the flagship product? Is the main tourist site in the most attractive scenic spots and lines, since the promotion of products than the best presented to the user, imagine a few people concerned about the product promotion there will be people in search of love Shanghai experience platform? Some people search but the search volume was more than offset by popular products, so will be the main product promotion.

at this time for optimization of Guizhou tourism website, the author has studied the chain platform of local tourism website, from which the chain platform release effect is good, which platform to release the chain can bring traffic to the site to transfer the weight, after a period of testing finally chose the classification information platform, but not every the platform can be classified into Shanghai later perfect in every respect, love experience, for the first time in the chain of love feeling after the experience of Shanghai included very quickly, but the post ranking is quite high, but eventually found links to be added before the nofollow, has not studied love experience of Shanghai platform, now I know I have left behind.

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