The new two week at PR2 Google has ranked the experience

The new two week at PR2 Google has ranked the experience

September 3, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

now, I want to say is that I in September to 14 for the 2 weeks from September 1st, how to optimize a station, although the time is not long, but has made considerable achievements, I will be described one by one out now, some things are master looks funny, but I think for new or half people, should be rewarded. This is my first time to optimize the new station, which is never before optimization of new sites, before the optimization of the station are some of the company’s old station, the old station is actually better optimization, because of their own domain name space age age where the chain is more or less good, the bottom search engine. Old friends, so the optimization is very fast. But for the new station, what is new, new space, new domain, new architecture, new content, everything is like the fledgling new chicks.

in the chain in the chain, in fact, I think I did a good job, because a lot of friends, not to engage in a new chain ah, others find that this is not included ah, less is.

first of all, in this aspect, we believe that this is the most difficult thing, because the content of the website must be updated every day, and new sites have to update more, now I say, no problem, absolutely do not worry about the content, but also is a good content. Is the way I do, in the website to open a business blog named column, this column content is very simple, all questions, and these questions are from my search Q & A, love Shanghai know, there were collected to answer these places, and when the acquisition is around the theme of the site to collect, this professional website is very strong and is rich in content, have asked the answer, the customer experience is relatively good, if you have empty their false original, absolutely will be more OK.

then, in the chain, one of these estimates is everyone a headache, but the chain is we have sent countless articles how to send the chain of the article, I do not repeat if you do, I just say I feel more important place, first, make a classification table, to include the chain platform all of the registered account and 11, the government must all forum account registration, and the registration of multiple daily, each account top post replies to no more than 3, third, the best enterprise chain of place is the Forum Forum, Ali, standing long forum, this is the largest amount of. Fourth, every day outside the chain and hair of each platform outside the chain of not more than ten, evenly distributed.

never mind, then the new station also has a theme, so, for the new station, must find their own theme, even if you are integrated station or station or industry, you will have a theme, and you next to the optimization of the content are carried out around this theme, around me this the station is the theme of the product, but also is a single product – (laser cutting machine), so when carry out around this theme, a series of activities I will follow the.

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