Web site maintenance to avoid the search engine K station

Web site maintenance to avoid the search engine K station

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I will teach you how to deal with some triangular relationship with the user and the temporary closure of the website search engine! Let users and spiders know site maintenance is

webmaster friends, do not inform the work, casually put the site shut down, causing the user access and the spider, 404 pages. In the worst case, the user and the spider will think the site has been closed down, and will not come again, just like the restaurant, not closed, posted the announcement, the same customer will think that the restaurant has been closed down, the next time will not come again.

This is

when the owner of a restaurant, for some reason, had to temporarily shut down the restaurant, the boss will notice posted in front of the restaurant, the restaurant closed temporarily and inform the customer time to resume business, so they don’t think the restaurant closed down, but not to come again. The same thing can be applied on the site, if a site for some reason must be temporarily closed, then the owners have the responsibility to inform the spiders and users, and inform the recovery time, so the spider has user will visit the site again, and not mistake the site has been closed permanently. But how to inform the work, like that restaurant posted notices to fix, the network world is more complex, so to inform the user and the spider is an art, here we list two webmaster friends often mistake.

Some owners will make Some

200 server back page

a single page, inform the user of the site is currently under maintenance, and other station page point to this page, it is very unwise, because doing so only to inform the user, without notifying the spider, so the spiders will think he the page has been deleted, only this page. The details of the temporary closure of the site of Shanghai Longfeng processing steps, we first review several Shanghai dragon most commonly encountered HTTP status code

301- request page has permanently moved to.

wrong, did not inform the site closed

Shanghai Longfeng process the most common HTTP status code:

error two, a single page to inform

dukejia following the previous "5" means to enhance the trust of the Google website, second works, glad to first write Shanghai Longfeng related articles to be collected. Back to the topic, some web sites often because of the need for regular maintenance or for some reason (hackers) and forced the temporary closure, if the user or search engine at this time to visit the temporary closure of the site, which will affect the reputation of the website ranking or flow. So do some of the work site is temporarily closed, all the necessary lessons Shanghai dragon s.

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