To improve website ranking is actually so few points

To improve website ranking is actually so few points

September 3, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0


: the first site title, keywords, description

said if the website content is original it must be very good, but it is very difficult to do, so we let the site most is the original, or the first few updates, do not pursue that has included hundreds of pages is unlikely, in fact, also do not use some software, are not too good, the contents of our nature well, such as work arrangements, new customers can write very well, when writing the content to take key words, help page long tail keywords ranking and anchor text set, updated every day, if each.


third: the content of the website

site title, keywords, description, keyword density, website content, website structure, website links

keyword density is very important, this is to search engine, he must understand that our website is what to do, not because of what we do is to write the title of what the density of about 5%, can be high, see what we do, we do professional things in Germany sure, the density is very high, as far as possible in the 5% or so, the key must be coupled with the anchor point and the best in bold, tilt and discoloration, underlining the search engine is to arouse attention, not too much, right, or search engine will not cause the attention, I each to do a keyword to two on the line, so the density of the fix, a professional software testing, testing with some software, sometimes not.

every webmaster want to improve your site’s ranking, only the ranking will have a business, in order to have traffic, so every webmaster to rankings look very heavy, to the rank of the website, we every day reproduced, write soft stop, stop the link exchange, there is no need to do in fact, very simple, as long as we pay attention to these points, will be good.

keyword densityThe

site title, keywords, description, these people are saying, in fact, as long as we ask and see what others are doing, do not use some tools, we have to look at the same industry with what keywords firstly, we use what we use what, then adjust according to the actual situation of their own for example, I do website construction, website design is my advantage, then I will let the website design the word row up, once the customer found me, I can do well, praised by customers, carry out drive service, and then ask them what customers have access to the Internet to search. What we are what they search keywords, and the title and description is added to the key words, the best form of a word, the words don’t too much, not too far fetched, OK, this title will do well, this is the first step of our best ranking, this step completes the basic 50% complete website optimization.

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