The use of nofollow tags and external links

The use of nofollow tags and external links

September 3, 2017 nhrithpipweh 0


then add the label really has an impact on the voting link weights and the PR value? This is questionable. If I remember correctly, noble baby, Yahoo, MSN expressed support for the label. But they really put the voting weights of these links are reduced to zero and not sure?.

tag is usually used in the comments on a blog or forum posts, because these places are the most spam links place. Now the mainstream blog and forum software automatically in the comments and posts links up with this label." Can’t sleep "do not think that this label is I, or my blog system (WordPress) is written in my own


I in the.

to explain the problem is not a two to say, and talk about the attribute of the nofollow may also be helpful for many webmaster, so I wrote a separate post to answer.

? code

nofollow is more than a year ago (as if) by a leading new baby label nobility, is designed to minimize the impact of spam links on search engines.

a xhref= ‘贵族宝贝’ rel= ‘external nofollow

and other search engines do not necessarily support the label, such as love Shanghai. I will observe the situation, Shanghai is likely to love regardless of the label, because junk links in Shanghai is still very love work.

plus the label link is not external links? Of course can not say. Such as links or external links.

Matt Cutts said, this tag is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not edited after the author’s own, so this link is not a vote of confidence. The search engine to see this label may be reduced or completely abolished the link to the voting weights.

is another role, if you sell ads on the site, you can use this tag. Because the sale of web advertising intention should be flow, not the PR value or attempt to influence search engine ranking. With this tag will not affect the flow, but it is possible to reduce the affect to the search engine ranking.

I want to "can’t sleep" the subtext is that the search engine that is the weight of the external links (we assume that some search engines will put these link weights to zero), in fact the idea and subconscious made the taboo search engine optimization.

ZAC explain, I am in your post reply reply post signature inside to see said in your blog link to external links, just look carefully, your

like this, there is not the external links, to do so is not too hard! Hope to explain ZAC

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