The game website construction of the chain should avoid the problem

The game website construction of the chain should avoid the problem

September 4, 2017 nhrithpipweh 0


but now many game sites in a garbage sites in the mentality, by buying a lot of pop ads and a large number of black chain to optimize, although these methods in the past period of time is very easy to succeed, but with the ability to enhance the user self identification, crack down again add love to Shanghai, this is the chain optimization model began to have significant defects.

in addition to the construction of the chain mode exists serious mistakes, some of the more traditional chain construction also exist many defects, the following is to the construction of the chain need to avoid problems.

first, the construction of the soft chain need to be cautious. To know the soft chain is usually a relatively high quality of the chain, Shanghai also expressed recognition of love. Some game website also so your web site has been reproduced more. But there is a problem, it is now a lot of game sites have significant waste site types. When you have the high quality soft release, so the game will be a lot of garbage sites reproduced, so it will lead to a problem, your site is rubbish website kidnapping, causing Shanghai love attention, even give you the site as spam sites. So for the soft outside the chain, we must pay attention to release in the quality of the platform, and then set the prohibited reproduced, or make intellectual property description. A reprint this will be able to avoid spam sites and kidnap your website issue.

second, the mass of the chain is strictly prohibited. A lot of game owners in order to enhance the scale and quantity of the chain, or the introduction of more traffic, because the game sites, as long as the attracted traffic, users love to play the game, then we can let these flows into loyal users. If the user is not interested in the game, then the site again how preaching, it is difficult to estimate the flow into loyal users, so many game sites have the mass of the chain in the form of drainage. But although this way can make a web site to get some traffic, but it is obviously not conducive to the optimization of the site, it will make you believe in love Shanghai serious cheating, even on your web site using block strategy, so even if you are the site of a certain flow, but it is very difficult to want to grow.

third, standing group of sprocket model. The construction of the chain model is more significant in the game website. Because many owners will have several similar game sites, these stations.

Mobile Games in recent years has been rapid development, but Webpage Game and traditional client game is still able to attract more users, after all, this kind of games either from the quality or content from more fun. But based on the PC side of the online game users to use the fragmentation of time, and this point Mobile Games has good substitution effect. But no matter what kind of game, all cannot do without the site publicity work, then you need to do the game site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and constantly promote the website ranking.

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