Shanghai dragon how the production and management of tens of millions of pages

Shanghai dragon how the production and management of tens of millions of pages

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let the collection content, existing UGC content are combined, under natural conditions, the recombinant


third step,

;Grouping rules of

to promote independent user generated content from the product, including the promotion of self-help, self aggregating content updates;

second step, set the basic rules of

similar to the mobile terminal products, a high proportion of disposable users. From the perspective of web, favorable: mass production page; disadvantages are invalid page.

is a huge problem in front row, how to manage tens of millions of pages, how to put the value of the page to show the spider with a good attitude to

how? The content is reasonable restructuring is very useful.


;Fourth step

second, vigorously promote the creation of UGC content

Himalaya Shanghai dragon project positioning in the tens of millions, hundreds of thousands of level included the amount of UV, the following from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng two ability is the "root":

should be invited, intoxicated today to share do Himalaya Shanghai dragon is how to deal with tens of millions of pages.

we have no way to go one by one, to modify the definition. Here the use of a technique often recommended understanding large cattle baby: regular expression

, the first batch of porting existing content

batch, batch mining acquisition, batch release already exists on the Internet;

, set the rules, priority;

For example: >

, for content production capacity, mainly by the following solutions:

Himalaya title management rules system configuration logic

two, for personalized content management capabilities, mainly by the program and the combination of artificial solution.

is the regular expression, learning ideas, with certain rules to deal with mass data;

so, if you know how to run is regular, can easily do the rules of system design, the tens of millions of data is getting.

third: natural aggregation of existing content


2, personalized content management capabilities;

fourth: the production of the natural void content reorganization, which become an effective content of

The following gives a simple case:

1, high-quality content production capacity;

The first step of

, extract the key information;

Shanghai dragon say content is king, indeed, search traffic from keywords, keywords from the content.

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