Scindapsus intermediary platform how to survive on the ruthless link

Scindapsus intermediary platform how to survive on the ruthless link

September 4, 2017 kogyetwtlzeu 0

is a K site doesn’t really become a dead station, such as Ali slightly such well-known site. When a webmaster want to buy links, usually through two ways to select the link platform, the first is a direct search for love in Shanghai, of course, the station was K certainly not to search, the second is introduced by a friend or recommended. People love second ways, like buying a website like space, service providers and the Internet domain name space is too much. But my friends used to recommend to you, this is the surest way. The >

in general, for those who rely on the sale of links for link platform, their customers still exist, but the business does not have so good. Links to purchase the customer less, large profit link platform naturally so down the entire link emerge of itself and perish of itself, the market has also been compressed, perhaps this is the love of Shanghai launched the real purpose of Scindapsus algorithm. Shanghai has been hit love link phenomenon, but this has increased the intensity of.

was slightly from Ali K station, to close the link station network trading platform, trading platform and so on several major links be ruthlessly punished. Don’t link the intermediary market really never quit the stage of history? Disappear? According to the object Scindapsus algorithm mainly the author knows against these links or intermediary, but many small link trading platform is still strong, due to the small love Shanghai does not look, the small shrimp to let you live a few days and how it? Let people doubt the love of Shanghai is not manual intervention, manual K? If I were slightly Ali operators, I also have no way to save what website, but again, not as long as the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm well blow out those links to purchase the site, there are still a lot of people will go to buy links love, unless Shanghai technology really so Niubi, can ensure that the injury rate is very low. In fact, a well-known site can survive from the love of Shanghai, think about: how to reverse the link after the intermediary market survival of

second: to abandon the Shanghai dragon, use other way promotion link platform

: as long as customers buy links still can survive

love Shanghai technology has been a problem, although the Shanghai love technology much better than the original, but there are still many problems, the artificial intervention is not what love Shanghai secret, but tens of thousands of websites on the internet. The manual couldn’t solve, so love Shanghai technology is an urgent need of breakthrough and improvement, Scindapsus accidental injury rate should not be a minority as can be imagined, if you fall in love with the sea is really want to link the market completely extinct, why let those small intermediary link platform? Personal speculation hand love Shanghai to discourage, let the phenomenon become a low-key link on the other hand, is not to completely link market uprooted, it will be greatly affected. The link site is too much, it will cause all disgusted many webmaster, last year has some malicious click love Shanghai auction event.

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