Search engine optimization method for drainage of Shanghai Longfeng site

Search engine optimization method for drainage of Shanghai Longfeng site

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enterprise, the lowest level of the user access mode is "waiting at home", there is a business to do, not to worry about, only to rest on its laurels. Better managers will store and personal circle of friends doing small activities based on the marketing that something is better than nothing.

general managers will consider a variety of free or paid drainage channels, value, matching degree and the price after all kinds of information related to channel evaluation, after practice test after settling a long-term channel of high value, such as search engine optimization.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not started three days belong to the sun for two days fishing nets that part of the people, and for a while, seeing no effect will immediately give up.

Shanghai dragon website optimization, website optimization foundation, from time to time to do some false original, original content, some early, spend some thought and money to get some good friends of the chain and the chain.

website optimization is a long-term work, so before entering must have a core niche, the core goal is a clear long-term value, is the enterprise business channels, platform or drainage. The enterprise only defines its own interests to long-term investment, especially on time or on the personnel. This is why some teams to do business in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and outsourcing services, because their niche is very clear and long-term.

belongs to the low level of the Shanghai dragon optimization tips on short grab traffic, including the Shanghai Phoenix software or tool brush flow, short time effect is good, but after 3 months, 5 Web site will often be reduced or K off, before leading to the mind of the spent in vain.

Belongs to the conventional mode of operation of the general level of Shanghai dragon

but only Shanghai dragon website optimization channel will be divided into different realm, involving different operation methods.

with mobile APP and the strong rise of new media, search engines and somewhat lonely, but mainly based on search engine optimization drainage Shanghai Longfeng industry is also relatively quiet. But this does not mean that the Shanghai dragon website optimization on enterprise marketing is not important, the key lies in the state of Shanghai Longfeng method and practitioners have to keep pace with the times.

Shanghai dragon

there are some website optimization speculators, rapid drainage through pornographic pictures, pornography, pirated popular Internet novel, collecting network information, and ultimately can only earn hard fee, the platform was blocked after the night returned to liberation.

Operation and management of

this time the entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, the various concepts and patterns emerge in an endless stream, in addition to a handful of star entrepreneurs and star project will be capital chasing, holding, capital to spend a lot of money to buy traffic, users buy, an important problem in most enterprises must face is how to user "". 96% entrepreneurs died on the road, which is more than 83% because the user was out of the question.

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