New retail rise Jingdong Ali has overweight line retail system layoutShare some tips on opening an

New retail rise Jingdong Ali has overweight line retail system layoutShare some tips on opening an

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in April this year, Liu Qiangdong announced through social media, the next five years, Jingdong in the country to open more than one hundred Jingdong convenience stores, half of which will open in the countryside. This time, Jingdong convenience stores are mainly through the form of stores to join. As early as the end of 2015, Jingdong announced the establishment of the new channel division, providing the store with distribution support, store marketing, data sharing solutions.

‘s first rhythm was Ma Yun, chairman of the Alibaba board of directors, who first introduced the concept of "new retail" in October last year, and later described his views on the future of the retail system. In his speech to Argentina in May 2nd, Ma said that the next 10 years, online, offline and big data, coupled with warehousing and logistics, will become the new retail. "In the future, it’s not how you sell things to others, it’s about how you serve people better."."


, in the area near the community and no obvious signs, if you are not specifically looking for, the streets and lanes shop seems to be a humble existence. In the retail industry as a whole decline at the moment, these scattered around the traditional small shops, husband and wife shop, in the electricity supplier impact, seems to escape the fate of being eliminated. But quite dramatic is that these obscure couples shop, in recent days, frequently by the attention of giants.

1 come from? If I don’t buy it, I’m afraid no one offers it for free. But if there are dozens of products, can’t I buy one for each?

online shop costs low, the most suitable is already have the actual shop, and then to expand the market people. But for empty handed, only in the online shop people, the choice of online shop is the advantage of low cost, then how should be

behind the new retail concept, is the gradual disappearance of the Internet, the electricity supplier industry faces incremental market atrophy. In this case, the huge volume of the line under the giants are being re paid attention and excavation. For start-ups, how many new opportunities are there in the new retail trend,

2 what I want to do is accessories and baby supplies. The quality is the most important thing in this commodity. But the quality of the goods in the wholesale market is really low, so where should I buy it?

?Where does the picture of ?

1. is very simple. Why doesn’t it mean you’re going to be the online agent for this brand? No businessman will refuse business, and the factory will give you the picture.


"husband and wife shop" second spring


on the one hand, with this year, Ali, Jingdong and other Internet platform "new retail store" war spread, some couples have been incorporated, become open strategic fortress retail community "last mile".


this year, whether it is electricity supplier giants or start-up companies, are stepping up the integration of online and offline pace. In the past few years after the hot O2O, "new retail" has become a hot topic, frequently being "big brothers" with rhythm".

"in five years, the electricity supplier will be an obsolete word," Ma said.


2., I have done a period of home fabric online sale. My source of goods comes from factories, not small factories, but specialized export processing plants. They each have 5% increments of each product, used for foreign exchange. After this order has been completed, their 5% increment is inventory, which you can buy very cheaply. Good quality, low price good Dongdong;

public data show that there are about 680 domestic grocery stores, about 30% of these grocery stores are distributed in townships and rural areas

3. relies on big websites to make your market open.

on the other hand, companies like Alibaba and Jingdong began offering commodities, back office systems and operational guidance for street couples. In early 2016, Alibaba also launched the Ali retail platform. Alibaba retail is an online purchase service platform for ordering, logistics, marketing and value-added services for 2-6 tier city community retail stores. Store owner as long as the download of a APP, you can solve the problem of supply and distribution.

3 is done by yourself or in the interest of Taobao or login

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