Wings of coffee Yin Feng immortal sister growth story8336 Adsense essay old secret of variations pla

Wings of coffee Yin Feng immortal sister growth story8336 Adsense essay old secret of variations pla

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side of three kinds of people: Gao Fu Shuai, tyrant, cock wire

Wangzhuan tired

"you" since joining BOSS group, Yin peak each month have 6 days to record programs, from 9 in the morning to start at midnight, every book two, it has been more than 500. In order to male boss based BOSS group, Yin Feng to the audience the impression is "rational and restrained" love: standing in the applicant’s position on the issue, not so overbearing.

"this is how the line? How can the diploma certificate so serious sign my name!" however, Yin Feng and he took a photo.

for a clerk here, this is already a commonplace thing. Their boss is more than just an entrepreneur, but a star. Since the Tianjin satellite TV "you" popular programs since Yin Feng became the spokesman of the wing of the coffee, her head even louder than her company. "There was a father and daughter in Xinjiang, spent more than a year, with a variety of fashion magazine pages, assembled into one and I am as tall as colorful send to the company, the bottle of words I love fairy sister wing cafe." Yin Feng said with great emotion.

is the earliest know Wangzhuan, listen to a little girl unit said. She had nothing else to do, some websites to help people like advertising, a penny, a month later received a small gift is very happy. At that time I did not understand, why can little advertising still make money, until two years ago began to mix Adsense nets, contact the advertising alliance, just know what is the matter. In 2009, the old secretary made a secretarial website and got the name "old secret network". Originally based on personal interests, I didn’t want to make money. After the successful application of the shlf1314 Adsense account, it is easy to hang a little advertising on the site. At that time no traffic, the first day earned $0.03, excited half dead. But in a month, still did not earn 1 dollars. It seems that it is not easy to make some money, so I am too lazy to take care of it. I have several updates when I have time. Shouyang, on the website to change, change the title several times, the column also revised several times, but do not expect to make money, no matter.

, especially Beijing and Tianjin, the former >

beautiful, temperament and visibility, still has more than 20 stores, 50 stores chain catering entrepreneurs in the new media era, which itself can be combined into a tipping point spread. Yin Feng, who has been called "fairy sister" by fans, is one of the favorite phrases in Chen’s famous confession: "you only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat."…… There’s no question and ridicule on the road, but what about that? "

The | in

yesterday at the weekend on the network reported that Sichuan "July snow", the old secretary in the south, the snow is not seen, but some showers. At home bored, then went to the office to complete two days before the promised dream River essay task. In fact, the old secretary is not good at telling stories, but still the Luantan quackish. And listen to the old secret Wangzhuan variations, hope will not disturb you.

pays, he always gains. At the end of January this year finally filled with $100. Unfortunately, the month can not be taken, failed to become the Spring Festival gift money. Look forward to February 24th to see the shlf1314 background prompt payment has been issued, requiring a payment amount, the payment of the money transfer control number MTCN, valid documents issued by the government passport, driver’s license, identity card and other information and remittances, >

Yin Feng special love Chen EC advertisement "in a sentence:" you smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat."

Wangzhuan source

"on the surface, I am a white Formica, Guangcaizhaoren, but first of all I’m a entrepreneur, dry is the most down to earth’s service industry." Yin Feng said, "the wings of coffee come today, because I and the team fought to uphold and pay."

probably let things drift about half a year, in October last year, one day, I suddenly found the old secret network of its traffic surge, surge by 400-500IP to 2000IP, then could not believe my own eyes. Check the flow, the original was just held in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, I just sent an article about the main spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the article, sh419 ranked second. And then into the advertising union to see, the day revenue of 3 U. S. dollars, the heart that happy ah, since saw hope, momentum up. So, insist on updated daily articles about 10 articles, predict the popular long tail keywords is optimized, and independent written nearly 80 soft article promotion, several sh419 know are mixed to four to five, stay up late writing, updating, vacation sick of fighting, the pain only you know. In the meantime, also experienced a snapshot stop more, included in the sharp drop, ranking disappear, flow, low tide, and so helpless, so all day mixed in the webmaster nets, hoping to find one or two trick cheats. In a word, tired is just one word.

Wangzhuan music

at the beginning of Yoon joined the program in 2010, coffee wings only 14 stores in Changsha, has not really stepped out of Hunan base camp. But with "you" hot, more and more people know the wing of the coffee, this is a strange paradox: reputation, but customers can not find the store.

as usual, Yin Feng in Beijing Shimao department store in the wing of the coffee for dinner, then a waiter told her: "Ms Yin, a guest wants your signature, seems to be a college student." Yin Feng went out and looked at a college student who had just graduated for half a year. He wanted to ask Yin Feng to sign his graduation certificate.

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