People dedicated website ranking and analysis of the relationship between Shanghai Dragon

People dedicated website ranking and analysis of the relationship between Shanghai Dragon

September 5, 2017 mieywmcnyozz 0

practitioners will complain that some websites using black hat tactics, resulting in his website ranking has been, and I don’t like him to cheat. Often heard such words, my heart will fandigu, preferring to use these black hat techniques obtain rankings, rather than the sub sub site, in addition to its quick outside, more is cornered. We see that this might be a bit puzzled all at sea, below I give you examples. A few days ago, a netizen with me, talk politely, after a ceremony that explained his point, asked me why your site adhere to the original and distribution links, the effect is not obvious, and left her. At the time of their busy doing other things, just talk some things, so for 10 minutes, after the return of the site according to the careful analysis, the reason is the same IP has a website called K, then the message to explain the situation, did not expect the users excited, said he asked the circle, not to be brushed, is money to answer the questions, he got really no way, and he said that if I can give him some advice, he will try to cheat what effect. Talk to it, could not help but resonate, now the industry can use to describe many sites of dragons and fishes jumbled together, out of order.


we do website optimization purpose? Ranking, earnings or new users? No, the brand is the reason why many owners are willing to spend money! Let us do website ranking, is to make their own brand promotion in the fastest time, users get more recognition and support, Shanghai dragon is a brand the construction method that in this sense, a promotion channel. Is not only the survival of Shanghai dragon website support from another point of view, although the industry practitioners, but I still want to say a website to be based on the Internet, an enterprise wants to open the era of network marketing, must carry on the marketing, only a webmaster Shanghai dragon method or enterprise will starve to death, so the website optimization is a vanguard, we achieve the objective means, we have to do is to bring good website "search" at the same time in Shanghai Longfeng, strengthen brand marketing, real website from the Internet into everyone’s heart.

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the other day and the gathering of old classmates also said their work now, there is a civil servant, a business manager, also has all kinds of sales staff, in short, but we have a same point, it is mature. Whatever an industry, think about all day dealing with Shanghai dragon, the first word to get up every day is to think of the rankings, what can? Of course this embarrassment did not last for a long time, because you are my mouth in Shanghai dragon has been in imperceptible influence on our way of life and values.

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