n 2012 the search engine algorithm change outside chain article

n 2012 the search engine algorithm change outside chain article

September 5, 2017 fxcbhyzvatkx 0

third, sharing platform. Now a lot of sharing platform have been the majority of Shanghai dragon ER rotten, especially after the thumb love Shanghai share, love Shanghai share "


first, Links. High weight website output link is still the first choice for the high quality of the chain. However, the search engine to determine Links also has a little change, that is to weaken the site’s relevance, this estimate is due to the related content in the webmaster to cheat. Therefore, there is high weight website ranking, high traffic derived links is an important means of stable keywords ranking.

in 2012, many webmaster found and in the chain of keywords ranking in the less, because they increase the chain number, can not stabilize the keywords ranking. This is actually a misunderstanding of the webmaster, the role of the chain remains unchanged, is a change in the search engine changed the weights given to different form of the chain is not the same, and the search engines on the chain of garbage restricted more and more strictly. Then, the weight of which the chain for less, or which the chain is identified as junk chain.

The most obvious change of

, than did the lack of forum signature chain weight. Many webmaster will find: 2012 each big forum posts included slow, reduce, but also easy to be removed after collection, this is the biggest change in search engine. Moreover, each chain B2B platform, information classification platform do not only for keywords ranking does not work, it is identified as the garbage outside the chain, have a negative impact on the weight of the website. So, great changes have taken place in the chain will be the focus of the 2012, Shanghai dragon ER foreign chain concept also changed, that is the number of the chain is not the more the better, but to pay attention to the quality of the chain to win by volume era will be gone for ever. So, how do the chain is the chain efficient and high quality chain this year? How to do

second, soft. High quality is always the best way to increase the soft chain and enhance the brand. Is the use of written text, you are good at and be familiar with the information industry, in the article on your own web site as an example, to attract readers to click on your own website, this is the most prominent role of soft. Soft the most important goal is the temptation to attract users to click click, must be the premise. Study on how to attract people to click, attract more and more people click on the page, the more weight gain. It is important to note that in the article to do anchor text in their own words, instead of using the anchor text to attract the eye to increase the click, otherwise it will only increase your bounce rate, but the impact of the weight of the website. So, the quality is very important to solve the problem of users in order to attract more clicks. But now, can do the anchor text of the forum is very limited, it can only attract users to click on us, to improve the quality of the chain, so that the more weight the chain for the page.

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