To create the ultimate single product to achieve the ultimate thinking Shanghai Dragon

To create the ultimate single product to achieve the ultimate thinking Shanghai Dragon

September 6, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0

from the media big coffee Mowgli brother (Zhang Ying) summed up the ultimate single product 10 standards: good quality, less competition, strong personality, scarcity, high profit, persistent, were fast, wide area, light logistics,.

2, less competition: Shanghai dragon training industry is a very competitive market in the Red Sea, but in August 2008 I cut this network Alibaba gathered, with ALI network for specific customer groups, to create a "network of Shanghai dragon" of the new vertical industry, in this vertical industry, very little competition. I used 6 years of time, firmly do the first Chinese network in Shanghai dragon industry.

4, scarcity: "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" is at home and you can understand the most comprehensive Shanghai dragon training courses, from my original, non – >

we never jealous brother the ultimate single product 10 standard, eleven analysis "why can Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" has become the China Shanghai dragon training market "the ultimate single product".

for entrepreneurs, focus, focus, concentrate all energy in creating a single product, and to be the ultimate single product, often can obtain good results.

Shanghai Longfeng Lonely Nine Sword include: Ali Shanghai Longfeng + independent website Shanghai dragon + blog Shanghai dragon + Forum Shanghai dragon +B2B + Q + Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon library Shanghai dragon + Video + micro-blog Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon.

is a real ultimate single product, in the promotion of a good promotion system, not only in the short term can create better than expected sales, and can produce subsequent sales persistent.

1, good quality: "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" abandoned the traditional technology focused content, using marketing based content, promise as long as typing, can learn, and make Shanghai Longfeng, realize the large number of keywords occupy the first three pages, or even fall in love with the sea before the ten page effect (rather than just put a few key words do love Shanghai home).

what is the ultimate single product? Is that after repeated grinding, and has the unique value, art, classic personalized individual products.

3, a strong personality: I created the "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword", without any of the civilians, too profound to be understood, popular, and because I put my personal story into the "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword", so that it has a strong personality and emotional strength.

I started in Shanghai Longfeng project start from August 2008, Shanghai dragon training has been my main product. This is 6 years, countless people engaged in Shanghai Longfeng training and institutions have been closed down or go, but I can be better. I spent 6 years of time, continue to polish my Shanghai dragon training courses, creating "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" such a set of the most comprehensive and popular domestic training system of Shanghai dragon.

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