The three core elements of the website optimization operations must have the

The three core elements of the website optimization operations must have the

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Now the Internet core!

regardless of any type of website needs to have powerful resources support! The resources here include: Cyber source and network resources! First to talk about cyber source, cyber source including website, account and tools. The website mainly refers to the station group. Each blend of Internet expert must have a group of very good website resources optimization. This batch of websites resources can maximize the value of capital accumulation to create a number of resources account. For example: Shanghai forum account and love products of high grade account etc.. Is the so-called is to do good work, must first sharpen his tools! Have these accounts after resources, whether it is to do the promotion or increase the weight of the chain will be very easy! Finally there is a network of resources on the Internet, mix for a long time more or less will know some online friends, these friends will help you become the biggest to find information or find a job or business opportunity! Is the so-called friends the way! As long as the Internet wide circle of friends, so things will certainly get the

as web site operators, the skill is a must! This includes several techniques: 1. Establishment techniques, even if a webmaster website will also talk about what the construction operation and promotion?! and if the site encountered attack or not open, Adsense also should learn how to deal with these problems and so on. Two. Optimization promotion skills, webmaster for the optimization and promotion of technology to know some more or less, so that is more conducive to the promotion and operation of the site, custom website operation strategy. Three. Ability to write programs, web site operators sometimes the main work may be communication with leaders or bosses, so must have a good literary talent, so as to make the boss or leader understands the rules of the Internet and the operational aspects of the idea of.

pattern has been set, but compared to some of the two city and area of the site still has certain development space! As to site operations personnel to create a website brand and the reputation of their own in the economic tide?! Liz personally think that if you want the Internet development and hard work there are three essential elements of the

The execution of

is three points above the site optimization operation of the three core elements, regardless of the site operators, or website promotion.

can easily win! skills.

is a powerful

! support resources.


class team and second rate execution would draw three flow results! Good team, good skill, strong resources have all these, you must have the absolute execution! This is like fighting there is a superb commander and advanced weapons, but the army there is no point of execution, so even if the worst opponent may not succeed! You know the Internet is a law of the jungle rules! Winner, loser! So the webmaster must learn to make their team first-class execution, so even in the face of fierce competition opponent.

two skilled and

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