Website optimization take you from the deep understanding of search engine

Website optimization take you from the deep understanding of search engine

September 6, 2017 qljljlgbjcad 0

recently I’ve been thinking I do Shanghai dragon in the past few years numerous, feel I should express what. But every time when the pen, and don’t know where to start. Today, I’m not going to talk to the Shanghai dragon operation. We want to talk about more things in Shanghai dragon.

search engine is our human developed, it can not be divorced from human behavior this feature. Then ask yourself. You are in front of them, one hundred copies of the document on the same theme, you are how to distinguish which is more suitable for users to search? Apparently it should be divided into two parts.

Analysis of

this is the search engine algorithm. This is a complex system. They collected a lot of data characteristics. Then these data to feature an attribute definition. Then the attribute and the information comparison. And then come to a final arrangement result. We all see the return results.

, a search engine what is

for example, the user input, "Apple Samsung mobile phone and mobile phone which is good?" we artificially to analyze this sentence, the conclusion is certainly. He was doing a comparison, want to know the apple mobile phone and Samsung mobile phone, which function is good, what good performance. Now let us answer him? We must be from, the advantages and disadvantages of Apple mobile phone, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung began. Just introduce their price. If you have a website is around this idea, then, at the end of his rank, certainly than. By keywords, the chain optimization of apple and Samsung mobile phone mobile phone which good ranking is better. Why? Because it is from the behavior of the. We will say. So the man who created tools will also follow such a rule. This follows the principles of human behavior.

well this is not nonsense, the search engine is sure to search for information. So, why is there a search engine? This problem I think everyone will know, because more and more information. When people do not know where to look for information, search engine is born. Its role is to collect information, and return to such a process of users. In this process, it was obvious that the requirements of their own. Must take the right to return, the most useful information to users.

1, the user input word

two, what is the most correct, the most in line with the user’s

information? ?

for word analysis of user input, but also to collect enough input words. Then the analysis of these words. Attribute definition. As long as enough data, you can analyze the user input is the word what intention? Here it relates to a user, analysis of the commonly used words. It is through the analysis of some input word. Find the user input the word, what is behind the real intentions? We are doing this analysis is indispensable when Shanghai dragon. From the user’s real intention, starting to design their own website content.

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