We should optimize website routine through those details

We should optimize website routine through those details

September 6, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

first, website optimization design details at the beginning. I have always thought that to do a solid job in a site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, write a few words or send the chain is not feasible in the present optimization work, at the beginning of the online website we need to consider the details? Common, based on graphic design on the beautiful to improve web page loading speed is the first our main points of web design, common practice is for the CSS or JS code to merge, as far as possible the use of external style, secondly, the site layout, it is best not to appear too much redundant code, such as many template station generates a lot of irrelevant code for the common table layout to the lowest efficiency, in order to sacrifice the web page layout the volume, resulting in a large number of bloated code generation is the best way we avoid using div combined with CSS can greatly reduce the network layout Stand the amount of code generated to enhance crawling efficiency.

third, the website reflects the details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon Er level. If the website structure optimization is a beautiful bright coat, the website details of the optimization is beauty jewelry accessories, coat embodied noble, light eye. Similarly, website optimization is a truth, so this is why people in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the time want to improve all the details, such as small title column, to the site map and the call. The common image optimization, such as add to the picture alt attribute and the H1 label for web link address to add the title and so on, these details are optimized in some tips for search engine optimization to enhance the degree of optimization, the fight is the experience and details, the details determine success or failure, enough to see these humble small details the importance of optimization.

fourth, maintenance work site need to constantly optimize. We are in the process of Shanghai dragon, not only to "

second, we should pay attention to the layout of the website structure optimization. More than just through the station which introduces the influence of spider elements in Web site optimization logic structure, such as the site of the main navigation, navigation website construction, breadcrumb navigation is the entrance of users and spiders reasonable layout is very important, the first page of our website to the enterprise site as an example, business news enterprise products, business case information is certainly the focus of user attention, these modules are best placed in the upper part of the site, convenient for the user to read the first time also convenient spiders crawl the web information, web page pointing to the navigation list page, homepage call the station for the page, these basic links and we are building loop structure optimization layout considerations.

many times when it comes to website optimization, the webmaster seems to think of the content, the chain, especially the site outside the chain before 2013 wantonly rampant, with the launch of love Shanghai Scindapsus, the website optimization keywords transfer to the station optimization above, then today I how to do the daily routine of website optimization optimization details and we discussed well, let’s enter, today to discuss the theme.

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