Google Search Engine Update Algorithm of dove Encyclopedia of birds

Google Search Engine Update Algorithm of dove Encyclopedia of birds

September 7, 2017 wpimufqwmftm 0

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baby " dove "

is currently the "Dove" algorithm only U.S. Google users can experience, yet not spread to other areas of the schedule. There is no doubt that this algorithm update will let users enjoy the convenience of LBS services, greatly enhance the service life of website traffic, but it also caused controversy. Some people worry that this algorithm will encourage Yelp and other living services giant competitive advantage. There is a YelpIsEvil user complaint Twitter, user evaluation showed that Yelp in Google search results are filtered.

Yelp", in the first row of the score will be your nearest Pizza Hut restaurant in Yelp, but not before the Yelp homepage or pizza hut Pizza Hut official website. The right of the card will be the restaurant’s location and user reviews on Yelp. When you just search for "Pizza Hut", in the front row will not be Pizza Hut’s official website or Wikipedia entry, but near the Pizza Hut restaurant in a variety of life service website page.

[Zhongguancun online software] August 4th news: last year after the "hummingbird", Google is currently a new search engine algorithm, the code for the dove search engine is blog SEL own code. "Dove" is based on the location information of the search to adjust the page ranking.

algorithm;For example, when the search for "Pizzahut

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