Guangzhou Shanghai dragon on the points of the website construction of small and medium sized enterp

Guangzhou Shanghai dragon on the points of the website construction of small and medium sized enterp

September 7, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0

from the present I have come into contact with enterprises, many enterprises are the appearance of value website, so it requires the site construction company do some flashy Flash or a large number of pictures, JS, Ajax on the home page, and even the home page is Flash. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, optimization and promotion this future will cause great resistance. Good code structure is more conducive to search engine, and as simple as possible. For example, to the realization of the static code do not use JS or Flash, can use the static paths do not use dynamic URL code, add comments, site structure clear, nested div is reasonable, all of which are simple, which is an important part of a website for Shanghai dragon, but also to the construction site taking into account the code specification.

now many small and medium-sized enterprises are beginning to alert, indicates to the charm of the network, network marketing in the strong, I came from Wuhan to Guangzhou, is to feel the understanding of Guangzhou enterprises to Shanghai dragon SEM, far more than other regions.

do anything or need to do network marketing enterprises still in the construction, network marketing plan before the first step is the site, the foundation must be good, the website code and the Shanghai dragon cannot promote disjointed, they are complementary and mutually promote. The website code needs to be optimized, and the Shanghai dragon website promotion plan to perform more in need of assistance program website.

but the enterprise network marketing value to see, understand to understand, the small and medium-sized enterprises still exist many problems in the concrete implementation of network marketing plan, business owners think they do SEM programs can be short-term or always have the effect, we can immediately profitable, or some clever boss directly to put on the love of Shanghai AD……

, a website code must be concise, bloated, eliminate redundant

is an easy-to-use website not only to search engine friendly, more to keep users, site structure clear is the search engine grab good security and convenient. For example, the site navigation is clear, the level of clear, clean design etc.. From the consideration of users, if the user on your site, enter the page, in any case can not return to the home page, click on the browser unless the back button to go back, do you think this website users will visit again? We should do the website structure conform to the habits of Internet users, more and more simple clearly better, if you can do a fool, it can be sure that this site has paved the way for Shanghai dragon, but also let the user more love your website. Simple to the extreme is a kind of beauty, but also the best user experience, and most of the people in order to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and optimization, the site.

two, website structure clean, is convenient for users to use

today Guangzhou Shanghai dragon seal together to discuss with you the next step: the first SME network marketing is the basis of the construction site

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