Discussion we do what is the purpose of optimization of Shanghai Dragon

Discussion we do what is the purpose of optimization of Shanghai Dragon

September 7, 2017 hwitgzokaqmt 0

I don’t know why many people now do all love Shanghai Longfeng aimlessly to do, see what others do what do well do make money, they go to imitate it immediately, the imitation to last no core content of their own, their own imitation did not go down, finally can only choose to give up, and then began to confusion choose the other fire industry, and then continue to imitate and then give up, has been such a vicious spiral down, the reason for this result is not clear what is the purpose of doing Shanghai dragon.

so what do Shanghai Longfeng purpose? Mainly can be divided into the following

5, in order to work and life, because the Shanghai dragon can find a good job wages, at least than other industries in Shanghai Longfeng work >

3, in order to brand promotion. In order to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to expand brand awareness, not a specific products. Such as China Mobile, gome. Depending on the search engine traffic, and will the flow as a product to attract advertisers to the web advertising.

What is

1, search engine to attract potential customers visit your site, to understand and to buy their search products, reach a conversion.

4, in order to make a profit on the site has gained certain traffic on the site, hang up love Shanghai alliance advertising, earn a commission.

What we do is

and the Shanghai dragon? It may do a lot of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng counterparts would say, of course is to rank in order to make money, I do not make any comment for this answer, because anyone whether he do anything is to just different people do not some people like to do Shanghai dragon is to make money is to profit, some people do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to prove their strength, like the Heike virus black people website, I personally think Shanghai Longfeng the most important goal is to provide a better experience for our users.

see here may have read my answer might sniff at, say I put in what noble, if some people think so, it can only say that they did not understand the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, some time ago I was on a website to see a man asked a question like this, the topic is "Shanghai Dragon and the future?" I feel a little ridiculous to ask such questions, ask only that the people of Shanghai dragon’s purpose is not clear, Shanghai dragon is only a technical means, Shanghai dragon have in the future you will see is what to do with Shanghai dragon industry, if you do is a sunrise industry, so do Shanghai dragon will be the future, if you do is a sunset industry, the Shanghai dragon has no future.

2, the shop, the sales type enterprise website, hoping to get a lot of traffic from search engines, visitors to promote a product, rather than buying on the spot.

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