After the optimization of love Shanghai home rectification operation report

After the optimization of love Shanghai home rectification operation report

September 7, 2017 nhrithpipweh 0

is one of the most common is the first two parts, the promotion of information and snapshot information, these two parts accounted for the largest proportion of the search results page, in addition to information platform mainly refers to the similar Alibaba, Shanghai love business, such as B2B or HC e-commerce platform, Shanghai love this product information is more common, like love Shanghai, the Shanghai encyclopedia, know love, love love Shanghai Post Bar Shanghai library, Shanghai, Shanghai love love pictures, video and so on, other information mainly refers to some advertising information, direct capture results, this generally accounted for less, after understanding the information structure of Shanghai love search results, the next step is to handle the information above all among them, the method for information processing and optimization are still the most used part of the Shanghai dragon skills


So many friends ask for

4. love Shanghai product information

The promotion of information

2. snapshot information

, here briefly some feasible methods and techniques for small, do not do marketing promotion and engaged in network marketing friends are available, mainly to do operation to share today, said, following the start of

from last year to this year’s Wei Zexi Post Bar medical incident events, love Shanghai news emerge in an endless stream of network information security, in view of the rectification and the environment, Shanghai has also made the corresponding adjustment, at present there are three main aspects: the adjustment of advertising services, ranking system, security, as of the end of the month, the corresponding the adjustment will also be implemented, all promotional information with commercial logo, love Shanghai search results page promotion information is not more than 4, part of the medical promotion Keywords cancel adjustment, many sex Shanghai promotion friends worried, do not promote the customer is more worried about



next, separately, first introduced is the promotion and snapshot information (Web information) of the two part, for the promotion, promotion of friends are not unfamiliar, not for ever made friends here briefly, love Shanghai promotion is the main common search promotion and Wangmeng promotion, home display promotional information is mainly keywords for search marketing and other promotional methods like Shanghai commerce, quiz marketing, knowledge marketing, brand promotion and so on. "

3. platform

said the home page optimization refers to optimize the home page information can show love Shanghai, show their products or business information in Shanghai love home, this is all to do Internet marketing common wish, to show their information on the home page, we must first clear what information page a simple executable? According to a kind of love, in accordance with the Shanghai search engine of the search results, is mainly the following:


home page optimization


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