The 360 is the expansion of millions of owners

The 360 is the expansion of millions of owners

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3. owners should be treated with common heart do not tend to have swallowed up the side of

The present situation of InternetWe look at the 360 ?

we saw 360 of the products it is not a copy. The browser, antivirus, search, navigation, film etc.. The poor did not do chat. What safe speed browser, how this well, the original Google browser directly, with some of their own things, it becomes its own safety speed browser, a security can be fooled tens of millions of users. 360 navigation, love Shanghai anyhow also spend money to buy HAO123. You have 360 direct imitation of a hao123, this is also often tampered with your navigation, your safety, a navigation, what is safe??? If you do webmaster navigation, you think who posed a threat to you, you also want 360 you don’t flow? Movie station navigation, a recent search, perhaps to our station, bring a little bit of traffic, but you can think of, if after a year, you can have such treatment? Search is not free, he will put their own ads. His search is not a real search, because I haven’t seen his spider. Just collect other search sites data show.

2.360 is so perfect that good

is doing 360 antivirus antivirus, his how, I also did not imagine so well, a few years of the company, his experience is not enough to make their own products and how strong. Only some fool others have. Even if your computer crashes, you need to re install the computer, you will say that this is the antivirus software problem? It is not sufficient to handle these guards antivirus and collapse can be 100% place?. But he is not to do. Because some functions that seem so red, is actually a software to scare people, one of your computer is less than 100 minutes, you have to ask you to install other software, behind all products with safety word is enough to fool the tens of millions of people. Is now the Internet is not so safe, only you can save the day? Not the antivirus software to do, every day just want others to make money, do you want to become a Tencent


negative before.

1.360We all know that


A5 recently saw some people say 360 search how good, just as his father is the 360 fastest, 360 to bring the webmaster want what words to express their joy, but for me, I don’t think 360 he can bring much benefit to me. But let me see he is a more horrible figure. Now he may I have a little bit of good, but in the end he will devour me. His wings hard if he is in the death of small owners.

why do you say, we analysis from the following points:

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