The details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon picture analysis

The details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon picture analysis

September 8, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0


has experience of Shanghai dragon who is not difficult to find, the search engine changes in recent years, Shanghai love search engine on the picture included more and more, this indicates that the Shanghai love picture of the adoption will also usher in a hot stage.

three, image clarity and relevance, I think the spiders are not very good, but we still need to consider the reader’s experience, attach the relevant pictures according to the contents of the article can better treat the user’s reading. Another definition is the same, a clear picture is more user’s kiss.

, choose the correct picture format. Our common network format is JPG, GIF, PNG and other three kinds of format, the PNG format is relatively minimum volume, should try to use PNG format pictures without sacrificing clarity. This advantage can not only reduce the service space pressure, also can make web pages more fluency.

four, the same size. Just imagine, if we open a page to see the picture size, out of order, it will influence the reader’s mood. Here we will need to do a good planning of the layout. In an article in the content, try to keep the length and width of each picture should be consistent in order to increase the page.

, two pictures of the original, although now the search engine to the picture of the specific content and so on can not tell, but I want a picture of the volume and length width can be grabbed to. If you don’t understand the mapping, not copying the website pictures is not on, then we should be how to solve it? If you know a little bit of PS software, to add a watermark to what, in quality to modify its pseudo original this picture. Then we can use the QQ screenshot, and then save the original pull is very great change, this is not the way.

with the development of computer technology, more and more diverse forms of media, in addition to attractive words, more and more web site development and innovation in the show form, it is combined with pictures, video, animation etc.. Bring a better experience to the user. We take the material to commune 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/ for example, after the new revision page presents a visual effect is very good, you can see the screen texture is, it is not necessary to say much.

here to explain the details about the optimization of Shanghai dragon picture. In the past, I usually on the picture that is add the ALT attribute. Besides we need to add a picture title attribute, can explain the pictures. There are several places we can do on the current picture details:

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