Seven ways to make English website promotion strong

Seven ways to make English website promotion strong

September 8, 2017 kogyetwtlzeu 0

optimizationWe have to do some planning before Shanghai Dragon

network, there are many companies are beginning to put their own products to foreign countries. More and more people start to do business English website promotion. How to make English website promotion strong, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon summarizes seven kinds of methods.

7. English website Shanghai dragon theme must be clear

program, the main content of the website is to complete the English, with Google optimization rules included website design.

most of English station content, there are few original, pseudo original majority, but would give the site himself as a garbage station, there is no long-term development. What is more the English station acquisition, this is completely rubbish.

1. English website domain name is the key

With the rapid development of

to select the most important point is that the server should be stable, then the speed, so that it is conducive to the Google website.

2. English website ASP,

domain贵族宝贝 domain name to do the best with English station Shanghai dragon is certainly not wrong, but if you want to see a foreigner that is the domain name Chinese station,.Cn is the best choice, but under normal circumstances it is best to use贵族宝贝. The domain name was suddenly stopped will affect the site’s ranking, stop for a long time the greater the effect, so the stability is very important for the domain name.

personally think that to optimize the station English more easily than Chinese Shanghai Longfeng, if you often foreign experts in Shanghai dragon website, you will find that they write articles with domestic format is also very different, or you now also noticed a lot of the English station format.

3. English website Shanghai dragon with what host

5. English station Links

site is very important for friendship connection to improve the site weight.

or PHP?Never mind what

4. English website Shanghai dragon how to do the website of

What procedures used The

6. English website how to optimize internal

in English website, before English website, the location is very important to do what product, what kind of keywords, how does the transformation effect of key words. Also, on the Internet to see, is to be designed, subdivided into specific aspects, a small theme well done, the competition is not great.

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