Simple tips to deal with a new round of PR updates

Simple tips to deal with a new round of PR updates

September 8, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

1, adhere to the original article

A new round of the

2, adhere to the Links exchange


many webmaster friends to reflect, some long-term acquisition of the site in this update in PR are generally lower, especially long-term on some websites selling pseudo original chain. Adhere to the original articles updated site PR value generally has increased slightly, Shanghai dragon industry widely circulated "content is king, the chain for emperor" is still applicable today.

PR update soon, now began to pay attention to the above points may be able to update the PR to catch the last bus. Stick to the next PR update, your site must have an unexpected surprise waiting for you. With the release of 贵族宝贝 id=593, please? The final copyright, for reprint please indicate the source.

every day to adhere to the construction of the chain properly, with particular attention to the Links. In addition to exchange links to see the site of the PR value, but also pay attention to the domain name age, website, website and other aspects of profit ratio. I will pay special attention to exchange links in the old station site relatively long history of domain name, the older site shows continuity of the website is very good. Some keep the original articles updated site, indicating the site operators very seriously, also shows that the site potential is relatively large. At the same time have a fixed profit website, web site operators can ensure the maintenance of the site better, and this kind of website to exchange links, generally do not have to worry about the website half-way off or long-term not update problem.

yesterday afternoon, A5 webmaster forums many webmaster started hot afternoon of June 27, 2011 a new round of PR updates. According to the analysis of the 10 education website I run, most website PR has improved, especially long-term adherence to the original article update website promotion rate is very large. In the face of a new round of PR updates during small webmaster should be how to maintain the website, today to say with some of my experiences.

3, pay attention to the high quality of the chain construction

noble baby has been chain audit is very strict, generally can see the noble baby a chain of digital is also very small, so we need to strengthen the construction of the chain of high quality website. Especially the University Forum, gov at the end of the government at the end of the forum edu. Careful friends can also see a lot of A5 signature chain effect forum, laggards forum is also very good oh.

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