How to get more of your pages to be included

How to get more of your pages to be included

September 9, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

A, site location

not repeat, is to try to be original.

The one and only

F, theThis


site navigation home page, including the main navigation website, breadcrumbs, website navigation and so on. Site navigation is to provide a convenient user sign, allowing users to find the information you want to browse easily. For search engines, web site navigation is the search engine spider homing main channel, the spider crawling through these navigation links to further information page column page, etc., so good navigation links is very important. Try to do the most deep pages don’t let website from web page within 4 clicks.

C, do not repeat

D, rational URL

website optimization and editing of the webmaster friends, there should be a lot of people have a headache is a problem that how to make a web page and more information is included in the search engine. Indeed, many web search engines are very poor, and some even reach 50%, hard to edit the information and content are not included and the index will not have the opportunity to participate in the ranking! How do to make the site more pages included

obviously any website, web page is the most important. In order to climb to find and grab information to search engine spiders better, and to create a good user experience, will need to do a good job on the front page of the site, including the optimization for search engine optimization and user oriented. Title, meta keywords and meta description, is one of the top search engine and the user’s attention. The three elements for the spider should highlight the keyword focus, for the user should attract attention attention. So a good location is half the success of the site.

B, all of the site navigation should do

a Shanghai dragon well done site, all pages of the URL should use the absolute path (the first domain, increase the page weight), static, plain text format; also has URL rewrite, 301 permanent redirection and 404 page functions. For English website, including URL, multiple character interval with the underlined, because the search engine does not recognize or underline space. No matter in the English website, URL are as short and clear.

the content of the website as far as possible to do an article corresponding to a long tail or a central point, and the title of the site, to try to contain the keywords in the title of outstanding. And try not to different URL have the same content or information, which makes the user experience of the decline, but also allow the search engine spiders judgment become repeat. Useless content, and in the show do not know when to show the page ranking.

the content of the website is the foundation of the rankings, the site should first solve.

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