love the mule calm face of love Shanghai included queerish

love the mule calm face of love Shanghai included queerish

September 9, 2017 exmkiwrukxce 0

webmaster know this several day in Shanghai included on the website of the Shanghai love is very strange, all the web pages are first collected, and then removed, and then included, before the individual sites will have such a phenomenon, but now almost all of the sites are so many owners began to worry about what the next, love Shanghai what will be the big


according to my own website and to observe some of the large website, after the update, usually within 20 minutes of the page will be included, then after a few hours, will be deleted in second days and will put these deleted pages again included, many webmaster speculation that this is not love Shanghai to take on the contents of the repeated measures or is the weight is not high site will be like this, in fact, after the test, whether it is to repeat content acquisition or pure original content, love Shanghai alike, are included, and then delete all without leaving the page, it was obvious that, the change is not love Shanghai to deal with duplicate content make a change.

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so, if only the weight is not high site will like this? These two days have the text in the A5 and CHINAZ should already know, is not the case. A5 and CHINAZ weight should be high now, but these two sites is consistent with the love Shanghai this two days in terms of law, received the first delete and then received. This is not the two sites so feeble, all know, after two days of this text, many sites will be reproduced, a lot of the chain will be included, a few hours to check, as no one, those websites and forums weights are not low, so it is.

we don’t go to see the love of Shanghai and what is precarious, is true in change. Since the love of Shanghai all the same website, all sites are on the same starting line, so we have to worry about what the webmaster, calm?.

In this paper,

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